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The Power of Critical Thinking: Captivate the French in any Conversation
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italki teacher since Apr 6, 2022
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My name is Nicolas, I’m a French teacher since 2019 and I specialize in French Critical Thinking. Critical thinking is the key that opens the door to richer understanding and more authentic expression in French. When you get good at this, talking becomes easy and fun. It makes simple things, like ordering une baguette in Paris, become a piece of cake. I have a passion for meeting diverse individuals, exploring new perspectives and languages.

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59 Reviews

Student Nancy Solano
Nancy Solano
86 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nicolas is the best language teacher I've ever had. And this includes one's I had in an ivy league university. He's the only one who truly makes language learning fun, when learning a language is truly difficult. I am so terribly shy that dealing with a new person is really hard for me. But after the first few minutes of my first lesson, I knew my extensive research had paid off, that I had chosen the right teacher. Nicolas combines all of the attributes of a great language teacher. He is very professional and manages to correct all of your mistakes while still making you feel good about how you're doing. He is good natured, genuinely interested in anything, very smart, patient, totally reliable and so much more. Both my confidence and my ability to express myself in French have improved immensely. I am very very grateful both to italki for providing such an outstanding opportunity and to Nicolas who, with his understanding and gentle nudges, has made my life even better.
Nov 23, 2022
Student Dana
16 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nicolas is an amazing teacher! He’ll make you feel comfortable from the very first minutes of your conversation, which is incredibly important when you are learning and practicing a foreign language. He’s very patient and always ensures that you get your French right. And I can assure you that you’ll have great, chilled and fun time during the class with him. I liked my lessons with Nicolas a lot and you’ll definitely do too, totally recommend him!
Apr 27, 2022
Student Tarryn Myburgh
Tarryn Myburgh
20 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nicolas is fantastic. He is patient, well-spoken and really knows his stuff. After one class I am very excited and I look forward to learning more with him
Apr 19, 2022
Student Larissa Silva
Larissa Silva
1 French lesson
Great first class! Nicolas created an environment where I felt confortable to speaking up and making mistakes, which he corrected right away. I look forward to our next class.
Nov 16, 2023
Student Chris Spinzor
Chris Spinzor
4 French lessons
Nicolas was excellent! He helped me feel comfortable to just dive in and start practicing French, even though my French was very limited. I speak some Spanish, and his ability to help me take what I understood in Spanish and translate that to speaking French was so helpful. At the end he gave me a lot of resources to continue learning French. Definitely recommend talking with Nicolas! He is a great teacher!
Nov 3, 2023
Student Joy
1 French lesson
Il est un enseignant très bon, qui écoute attentivement quand tu parles. Je me sens très détendu pendant les cours.
Oct 20, 2023
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