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Persian (Farsi)
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Ph.D. Graduate in Persian language and literature
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italki teacher since Apr 7, 2022
Hello everyone. I am Atena, PhD graduate of Persian literature and language from The Alzahra University. I have 14 years of experience in teaching Persian in different universities. I am here to guide you to your goals. I want to know what motivates you and how you respond to various methods and activities. I succeed when I see you succeed. . I'm very passionate about learning new things, reading Personal Development books and listening to podcast and music. and I'm friendly warm and easy to get along with.

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17 Reviews

45 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Atena is so wonderful and I am glad that I am taking lessons with her. She is very knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and truly cares about students learning language very well. Thank you!
Aug 16, 2022
13 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Teacher’s pick
چالش برانگیز مثل رقصیدن زیر باران که تا به حال هیچوقت نکرده ام
Jul 22, 2022
13 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Wow, what a first lesson! Atena could instantly adapt to my level and was very well prepared. She researched common words in German and Farsi which was quite interesting. But most important: it was really hand on. Learning with Atena means learning lots of new vocabulary by directly using it. We had lots of dialogues and were practicing a lot. She is very patient, kind and also knows how to create a motivating and funny atmosphere for learning. Moreover Atena works also with music, sends you homework and has a vast knowledge about the Persian language. I'm very happy that I found her and would recommend it to everyone. Already looking forward for the next lesson!!!
Jun 24, 2022
1 Persian (Farsi) lesson
It was a very good lesson which I enjoyed very much, even though the Internet connection was a bit weak and created some problems with the sound quality. دست شما درد نکند
Jan 11, 2023
6 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Today was my second class with Atena and I am very happy because I have learned a lot in only two classes. Atena send me the notes of the class afterward and a recording too, which is extremely helpful for remembering the words and the pronunciation.
Dec 9, 2022
13 Persian (Farsi) lessons
I'm so glad that I found Atena among all the Persian language teachers on italki! In every lesson or message (in which she makes you learn things without you noticing it at first:) you can feel that this person loves being a teacher. She is using dialogues, vocabulary that fits your needs and skills, song and talking about the news to increase your language skills step by step. I had online lessons and offline homework and learnt a lot on speaking, writing, understanding and reading.
Dec 5, 2022
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