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🗺️ In duet or in a team, I support your English dream 🌊 Back daily on May 31st ☕️🌙🗺️
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italki teacher since Apr 9, 2022
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Hi Guys! We can create extraordinary English lessons and practices together. Regular, occasional or spontaneous! I also created a wonderful English Cafe for us: youtube.com/@Momentum4Ever1 As for me… …the sea is my special place! 🌊 I have a sea of rewarding experience as a language teacher and learner. I hold a B.A. in Romance languages, a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and an international TEFL certification. I care about your unique goals, struggles and biggest dreams. As a kiddo, English was my great struggle and biggest dream! Now it's my calling and passion! And you’re my inspiration. I can’t wait to meet you. ☕️✨ Cheers to the wonders of beginnings!

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62 Reviews

Student Daria
90 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Zhenya is awesome! She is kind, understanding, open, communicative. I’m glad that find her. Thank you, Zhenya!
Feb 10, 2023
Student 🔥Valentina🔥
40 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Jhenya is such a beautiful person. Her classes are always interesting and never bored. We can talk about travel, music, friendship, dreams, emotions, problems life, and beyond. She's an organized teacher, her pronunciation is perfect and clear. She doesn't talk fast, her voice relaxes me every time. She's also always positive and smiling! I've been learning so much and feel more confident. Jhenya è una persona così meravigliosa. Le sue lezioni sono sempre interessanti e non ci si annoia mai. Possiamo parlare di viaggi, musica, amicizia, sogni, emozioni, problemi di vita e altro. È un'insegnante organizzata, la sua pronuncia è perfetta e chiara. Non parla velocemente, la sua voce mi rilassa ogni volta. Inoltre è sempre positiva e sorridente! Ho imparato tantissimo e mi sento più sicura di me stessa.
Aug 13, 2022
Student Irina A
Irina A
41 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
If you have a great teacher, who is kind, affable, knowledgeable, and of course helpful then you are a lucky person. So is Zhenya Matt. She has all these qualities and a good option to learn something creative. For a long time I could not find an English teacher who helped me find my voice, where I could express myself and be myself. I contacted Zhenya Matt and she helped me a lot regarding this. She better knows how to conduct lessons and make the learner pick it quickly. I loved her methodology, she is so smart and so kind ! Her voice is magical! She listened to me carefully and she wrote down everything I was saying. Her lessons were so creative and useful. Definitely, I will get more lessons with her … I have had many teachers in Russia and in Los Angeles, and I know the difference. Zhenya is a teacher from God, such as she does not exist. I recommend her to everyone.
Apr 29, 2022
Student 🔥Valentina🔥
40 English lessons
My English path with Zhenya is amazing, she is always so attentive to my needs. She always has great material, written and organized to perfection. I recommend Zhenya not only for her preparation but also for her soul, so full, pure, and full of love. She is true and simple. She is the best. Thank you!
Apr 20, 2024
Student Evgeni Presmann
Evgeni Presmann
37 English lessons
Zhenechka is a fantastic teacher! She is extremely dedicated, very expiring, and motivating. I enjoy every our class because She invests all her heart and her soul every single day. Besides that, Zhenechka is very reliable and flexible. It is very easy to reschedule a class and find a time slot, which is suitable for both sides. All in all, don't hesitate to book her classes. It will really be a treasure for everyone!
Apr 12, 2024
Student 🔥Valentina🔥
40 English lessons
bellissimo! you're always the best 💞
Mar 29, 2024
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