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Improve your Spanish chatting with a doctor / Mejora tu español charlando con un doctor
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"¡Hola a todos! I'm Alejandro, a native Spanish speaker and a dedicated primary care physician. I believe that connecting with a native speaker is vital for language learning. Join my conversational Spanish classes to enhance your fluency in a relaxed and enriching atmosphere. Embarking on a new language journey can be challenging, often accompanied by the hesitation to take that next step. Yet, with the right guidance, dedication, and a dash of enjoyment in the learning process, significant language goals become attainable. Let's make your Spanish learning experience not just educational, but also enjoyable and rewarding. ¡Vamos a hablar español juntos!"

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¡Hablemos de Salud! Una visita al médico en español para Niveles B1 en Adelante / Let's Talk Health! A doctor's visit in Spanish for Levels B1 and above
B1 -  C2

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Spanish Health Talks: Tu Tema, Tu Español Saludable
B1 -  C2

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Medical Spanish for Health Pros: Enhance Your Patient Communication Skills!
B2 -  C2

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2 Reviews

Student Brice Stuhr
Brice Stuhr
7 Spanish lessons
great teacher. I am able to improve my Spanish and understanding of medicine at the same time.
May 4, 2024
Student Bella Fadich
Bella Fadich
18 Spanish lessons
If you're reading this, book a session with Dr. Giraldo immediately - you won't regret it! I am a medical student in the United States and just had my first lesson with him... this was by far the highest yield and most helpful session I've ever had!!! I want to gain proficiency in medical Spanish and he has gone the extra mile in helping craft a custom lesson plan. Of course, he can help no matter your learning goals... He offers something truly special for healthcare workers wanting to gain comfort and proficiency caring for hispanohablantes! THANK YOU, Dr. Giraldo!!!
Aug 1, 2023
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