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Hi there, my name is Arslan. Originally, I am from Turkmenistan, but now I am living in Turkey. I am passionate about languages and can speak Russian, English and Turkish. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. I love travelling, learning new cultures, sports, movies, and playing videogames. In our lessons, you will: ✔️ improve your conversation skills ✔️ learn English/Russian/Turkish through stories and TV shows ✔️ enrich your vocabulary ✔️ improve your pronunciation ✔️ learn grammar ✔️ prepare for your IELTS exam Do you want to improve your English/Russian/Turkish speaking, vocabulary, grammar, reading? Then go ahead and book a trial lesson with me!

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Разговорный Русский | Conversational Russian
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Basic Russian from Beginners to Advaced Level Learners (A1-C2)
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30 MINUTES ONLY Russian introductory lesson for NEW students
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Matt T
4 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Conversational lessons with Arslan are great; he is a very smart and educated person with a variety of different experiences and perspectives. The conversations are very natural and engaging. If you're tired of boring, awkward, or interview-style conversational lessons, I would strongly recommend Arslan. He makes the learning process easy and enjoyable.
Mar 14, 2023
Roman Naumenko
151 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Arslan definitely is one of the best English teachers that I have ever learned with. He provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities which just suit my level. He cheers me up with his positive and kind personality. Whatever the discussion was, it went so smoothly. Since we started our lessons my English level has significantly raised. I’m always excited about joining our class - really useful and full of interaction. He’s done a fantastic job helping me to learn the basics, while also teaching me to speak with confidence.
Feb 24, 2023
41 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am very grateful. 🙏 He is an amazing teacher. Very patient with me and very motivating. I feel like my Russian has improved a lot after a few lessons and even though Turkish is very difficult for me and I make baby-steps, he explains everything very clearly and he is also very supportive, which is something I really need. Thank you so much. ☺️
Jul 9, 2022
1 English lesson
I worked for the preparation for the interview. Arslan-san is very kind and cheered me up. He also provided practical advices. I think I will book his lesson again. Thank you a lot :D 面接の練習をしました。Arslanさんはとても親切で親身になってレッスンを進めてくださいました。たくさんのアドバイスもいただきました。またレッスンを受けると思います。有難うございました(^^)/
Nov 26, 2023
Manu GS
3 Russian lessons
Thanks for this lesson once again , I am gaining more fluidity in my speech week by week thanks to you , today’s theme was a bit of a challenge for me especially with numbers but I very much liked it . Thanks for being patient , looking forward to our next lesson
Nov 25, 2023
Rodrigo Basilio
1 Russian lesson
Good first lesson, he showed me which book is more helpful for my level.
Nov 20, 2023
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