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Masami Kita

Professional Teacher
Chinese (Mandarin)
20+ Years of Teaching Experience, with Japanese Cultural background, Conversation, JLPT, Kids & more
From JapanLiving in Eindhoven, Netherlands (22:48 UTC+02:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Apr 21, 2022
Interest topicFoodMusicPets & AnimalsTravelEnvironment & Nature
Hi, my name is Masami. I was born and raised in Japan. In my twenties I moved to Europe and lived in Austria, UK and the Netherlands for more than 20 years in total. After having lived in China for 3 years, I am back again in the Netherlands since August 2022. My hobbies include Japanese Tea Ceremony (Kimono, Calligraphy Flower arrangement, Zen teachings etc), Classical Music (playing Oboe, Sax and Piano), Travelling (visited many countries in my life), reading and writing etc. I am also interested in the Environmental issues. I am vegan myself and trying to live sustainably as possible. Most of all, I love people and enjoy listening to people. I would love to listen to you too!

Japanese Lessons

Trial Lesson
30 lessons completed
USD 20.00+
Japanese lesson using GENKI I & II
A1 -  B1


13 lessons completed
USD 28.00+
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Japanese Lesson using Minna no Nihongo
A1 -  B1


13 lessons completed
USD 28.00+
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Japanese Conversation
A2 -  C2

Conversation Practice

45 lessons completed
USD 26.00+
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Japanese for kids
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97 lessons completed
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Japanese Lesson at any level
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78 lessons completed
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Japanese Lesson with Marugoto
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84 lessons completed
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16 Reviews

Student D Snijders
D Snijders
1 Japanese lesson
I had a good introductory lesson with Masami-san. I explained my circumstances regarding my language skills, and she was able to give proper feedback on my speaking and listening. Besides, she speaks Dutch as well and knows about Dutch culture, so she can guide me better in being considerate towards Japanese people, as our cultures are sometimes diametrically opposed to each other in directness and bluntness.
Jul 14, 2024
Student Quinn
1 Japanese lesson
Masami san was very nice and supportive of me! I learned so much just in the first lesson and she was such a kind teacher ☺️! I will definitely be taking more lessons.
Jul 13, 2024
Student Cyle (カイ)
Cyle (カイ)
16 Japanese lessons
Masami is amazing. We've been doing conversations for a number of months now and she is very good about sticking to Japanese and encouraging me to use Japanese even when I'm struggling with it. For example if I give up and tell her what I want to say in English, she'll write it and say it in Japanese, then repeat it slowly, and encourage me to say it, too. I'm not sure if others experience this but my level of Japanese seems to fluctuate depending on the day. Some days it just spills out of me and others I can't think of even basic words or grammatical structures, but no matter where my head is, Masami will match it and make sure the conversation flows and that I'm learning. As a person she is also very cool! We share a lot of interests and she also has unique hobbies and knows about so many things. I'm really happy I found her and always look forward to our conversations!
May 12, 2024
Student Mandy
1 Japanese lesson
It was a good trial lesson. Masami sensei explained everything very clearly and understandable.
Mar 12, 2024
Student Jin
11 Japanese lessons
Feb 15, 2024
Student Amelia
21 Japanese lessons
Professional, organized and very pleasant teacher. My son highly enjoy learning with Masami!
Feb 5, 2024
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