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여러분이 찾던 워니예요! "the WONY, you are looking for!" 💖🥖☕🖼✈️🌈
From Republic of KoreaLiving in Suweon, Republic of Korea (20:12 UTC+09:00)
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italki teacher since May 12, 2022
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⛔ 'Beginner Korean' ⛔Not opened for new students until Jun (Current students OK👌🏻👍🏻✨) ✅ 'Free Talking,' 'Intermediate Korean,' 'Media Class,' 'TOPIK' - 👍🏻 Feel free to reserve 🙌🏻Hello, I'm WONY, your first Korean teacher! ✍🏻 I majored in Korean as a foreign language, marketing, journalism, and PR. So I'm interested in trendy Korean content and various aspects of society. Also, I'm a native Korean speaker and can speak the standard language. 🙆🏻The students told me. "I've never seen a Korean teacher so interested in us." 💜 YES, the teacher who is most curious about you, IT'S ME!

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⛔ 'Beginner Korean' ⛔Not opened for new students until Jun (Current students OK👌🏻👍🏻✨) ⭐️ 초급 한국어 ⭐️ Korean beginner class⭐️
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👄 자유 말하기 👄 Free talking 👄
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🎤 한국어 미디어 수업 🎤 Korean Media Class 🎤
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Conversation Practice

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✨ 중급 한국어 ✨ Korean Intermediate class ✨
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✍🏻토픽의 모든 것✍🏻All about TOPIK✍🏻
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97 Reviews

Student Fourwords
83 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
It’s my pleasure to be Wony’s second or third student on this platform. It’s my first time to write review. (Sorry for late review😅). I have taken speak, topik and media lessons, all of which were wonderful. Wony is a respectable, responsible, lovely teacher, we talked so much not only in learning experience but also in life. I learned a lot and look forward for future classes! 作为Wony老师第二个或者第三个学生 我很荣幸 我报名过自由讨论,Topik,媒体课 所有的课都非常棒 我们讨论过许多 不只有课堂上的内容也有生活上的分享 我很荣幸可以得知很多韩国文化 也非常期待以后的课! Wony쌤의 두 번째 또는 세 번째 학생이 되는 것은 저의 기쁨입니다. 저는 리뷰를 쓰는 것이 처음이에요. (리뷰가 늦어서 죄송합니다😅). 저는 토픽, 미디어 레슨을 받았는데 모두 훌륭했습니다. Wony쌤은 존경스럽고 책임감 있고 사랑스러운 선생님입니다. 우리는 배움의 경험뿐만 아니라 삶에서도 많은 이야기를 나눴습니다. 저는 많은 것을 배웠고 앞으로의 수업을 기대합니다!🥰🌸🍀👍💓
Jun 20, 2023
Student Martyn 马丁
Martyn 马丁
38 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Today's lesson was much more difficult than usual, which was a good thing. I've finally been confronted with grammatical phrases that have multiple meanings, and I think it will take me a while to learn properly. Wony as usual explained everything very clearly, so all I have left to do is spend the time to assimilate the new information. Thank you Wony!
May 28, 2023
Student Julius Kang
Julius Kang
23 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
For about two months now I’ve had Korean conversation class with Wony 선생님, and I have had a great experience. She is not only a great teacher, but she is kind and courteous with a very bubbly friendly personality. She is smart and knowledgeable on a wide array of different topics so it felt easy to connect and have conversations naturally about any topics of interest at that time. I cannot recommend Wony teacher’s classes enough, she certainly goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome as her student as well as friend. Thank you Wony 선생님!
Apr 17, 2023
Student Michael E
Michael E
1 Korean lesson
What a fun first lesson! It felt really comfortable and I learned a lot. Thanks for being so patient while I tried to express myself. I really liked the explanations of things I didn’t understand, and how we were able to do everything in Korean. Really talented teacher!
May 28, 2024
Student Tu Hoang
Tu Hoang
7 Korean lessons
I highly recommend Wony for any class. I had speaking and Topik lesson and she gave many tips and good advice for both speaking and exam. She is very nice and enthusiastic, and always bring positive energy to classes. I can tell how much effort she puts before and after any class and how much she wants to get to know you. I love her so much!
Apr 28, 2024
Student Sandra
1 Korean lesson
I really liked my lesson with Wony. She was very patient with my pronunciation of all the syllables and vowels, even if I mispronounced them 10 times. It was a very fun and interesting lesson and I look forward to the next one!
Apr 19, 2024
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