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Hello! नमस्ते! こんにちは! My name is Shivani, I am from India and I am a native Hindi Speaker. I love learning languages and have now decided to teach one. I am Fluent in three languages: Hindi, English and Punjabi and I am currently learning Japanese. I can help you with your Hindi vocabulary, pronunciation, and also help you with my knowledge about the Indian Culture. Whatever your goal is for learning Hindi, be it travel, business, Bollywood or if you are just like me and just want to learn a new language, then I can definitely help with that. See you soon!

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38 Reviews

Student Nyema
4 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
How grateful I am to have found such an amazing Hindi tutor! Although I have no previous knowledge of Hindi, from the very first lesson, Shivaani made me feel comfortable and at ease. She is incredible at explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for me to understand and retain information. No question was ever too silly or insignificant; she takes the time to answer each one thoroughly, which really helped deepen my understanding of the language. What truly sets Shivaani apart is her ability to make the language learning process feel so attainable. She makes you feel confident in your abilities to where I'm already speaking the language in the lesson! It's evident that Shivaani genuinely cares about her students' progress. Thanks to her, I feel more confident and excited about learning Hindi. Highly recommend Shivaani to those looking for a tutor who not only teaches effectively but also makes the journey fun and fulfilling!
Mar 23, 2024
Student Vickie
67 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
I’ve been taking Hindi with Shivani for one year and gone from absolutely beginner learning the characters to learning different verb tenses and being able to read simple stories and converse. Shivani is super fun, organized, and helps cater the lessons to my interests and needs. Here’s to one more year of lessons 😊
Sep 30, 2023
Student Aaron
73 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
Shivaani ji is always a joy to talk to and her friendliness makes every lesson a happy time. She also keeps the lessons focused on advancing your language skills beyond your present limits, so you can feel yourself getting better bit by bit.
Sep 22, 2023
Student Betsy
1 Hindi lesson
A really lovely introductory lesson with Shivaani. We had a great chat about language learning in general and made a start on the Hindi alphabet. It will require time, effort and consistency to master, but I'm ready for the challenge!
Apr 6, 2024
Student Aaron
73 Hindi lessons
Shivaani ji makes it fun and inviting to do the real test of learning a language--actually speaking it with another person. If you are nervous about starting with a tutor, you can trust that she will be a good choice for a cheerful, friendly, and still challenging experience.
Dec 9, 2023
Student Lee
10 Hindi lessons
Another great class with Shivaani — shukriya! We have been practicing conversation about normal day-to-day topics, and Shivaani strikes a great balance between keeping the conversation flowing and correcting me when I say hai instead of hoon (again) or suggesting more colloquial expressions.
Nov 11, 2023
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