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I can teach you "Raw Japanese conversation" 日本人として、あなたに「生の日本語」を教えることができます。
From JapanLiving in Chupei, Taiwan, China (20:29 UTC+08:00)
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italki teacher since May 23, 2022
私の名前は「りょうすけ」です。 日本生まれ日本育ちの日本人です。 東京のIT関係の会社で働いていましたが 現在は台灣に住んでいて、中国語を勉強しています。 僕と一緒に会話を中心に日本語を楽しく覚えましょう! 日本語学習初心者から上級者まで、どなたでも歓迎です ^_^ Hi, my name is Ryosuke. I was born and raised in Japan. I was working at IT company in Tokyo then I currently live in Taiwan for study Mandarin. You can enjoy and learn Japanese with me! I am welcoming Beginner - Advanced. No need hesitation just apply or contact me :) 我的名字是Ryosuke 我是出身於土生土長的日本人 之前在是在東京做跟IT相關的工作,現在到台灣居住學習中文 跟我一起己聊天談話為中心,開心的學會日文吧! 不論是從日文初心者到日文高級者,都非常歡迎 ^_^

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49 Reviews

Student Rosa
1 Japanese lesson
Teacher’s pick
Just had my first lesson with Ryosuke, he’s very nice and motivating. I want to practice mostly conversational Japanese and am a complete beginner that being said Ryosuke is very patient and encouraging I look forward to more lessons with him.
Jan 7, 2024
Student amerigo1995
4 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Great experience as usual: Ryosuke-san never lets the conversation go towards dead ends. On top of that he's really funny abd full of conversational skills. Top teacher here on italki.
Nov 13, 2023
Student アンソニー
2 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ryosuke is an exceptionally good italki teacher! He's wonderful to speak with for long periods of time, and keeps the conversation going! He comes off as very interested in language learning, and seems happy to adjust the way he gives feedback to fit your exact method. I've now had two 90 minute sessions with him, entirely in Japanese, and they've been great! Lots of laughs and constant smiles, along with great discussions of various topics and issues. Because of his personality, I'm sure he's excellent at various levels, but I can only speak for my case, and if you're at the point were you can understand most Japanese you hear and read, then I couldn't recommend him enough!
Jul 4, 2023
Student Taylor Pitts
Taylor Pitts
2 Japanese lessons
Great experience and fun conversation in Japanese. I appreciate the feedback as I am improving my grammar and speaking!
May 14, 2024
Student Alyssa
2 Japanese lessons
Ryo-san always encourages me to keep trying, even when I get stuck! がんばって! :)
May 12, 2024
Student Jonas Richner
Jonas Richner
2 Japanese lessons
He’s a very good teacher. We talked for 45 minutes and he seamlessly adjusted to my level. He uses great body language which makes it easier to understand and learn. I had a great time :)
May 9, 2024
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