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Zach Dunlap

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Native English Speaker from America: Conversation, Test Preparation, Job Interviews, Pronunciation
From United StatesLiving in San Antonio, United States (12:25 UTC+03:00)
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italki teacher since May 4, 2022
Interest topicBusiness & FinanceTechArtFoodTravel
I'm a native English speaker from America with a neutral, North American, English accent. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas, but I am currently traveling in Europe with my wife. I've traveled extensively throughout the world: along the Andes mountains from Colombia to Argentina, throughout South East Asia, Europe, and Russia. I lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for two years. While there, I taught guitar at a local music school and started a cashew butter business. My wife and I also lived in Tel Aviv, Israel for eight years where I taught English online and in person at an international English school. The past twenty years I have written and recorded over one hundred original songs.

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71 Reviews

Student jayeon603
26 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Zach is a very educational and informative teacher/professor. His sessions are established/run differently depending on your current level or target. Meaning if you communicate with him about what your goals are, he will dynamically modify a session to help you achieve the goals that you have. Also, he is a professional-mannered speaker. If you want to grow your English for your business, please check with him as well.
Dec 10, 2023
Student Дмитрий
115 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Hey guys! I am writing a review after 30 lessons with Zach! I tried taking lessons from many tutors on different platforms and Zach turned out to be the best. The first thing you need to know is that for all 30 lessons, Zach has always been punctual and prepared for the lesson. The second is that you can communicate with Zach on any topics that are interesting to you, in a simple way. He knows how to support any conversation. Zach is very enthusiastic and responsible. Step by step, Zach will help you master real English by correcting your speech and mistakes. If you take a lesson from this guy, I promise you won't regret it!
Jun 26, 2023
Student Mikolaj
64 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I’ve had many tutors but lessons with Zach are really effective for me and I honestly recommend everyone who wants to improve their English
Mar 22, 2023
Student Ann Lin
Ann Lin
6 English lessons
He is a very good teacher. I am very thankful.
May 4, 2024
Student 张小龙 Tony Zhang
张小龙 Tony Zhang
2 English lessons
Great teacher! Zach’s openness and curiosity sure livened up the class. Hope to see you soon.
Apr 28, 2024
Student Cyrus
5 English lessons
老师的亲和力很强。 或许会对之后的学习有很大的帮助。
Apr 21, 2024
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