Anastasia Kuguk

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Teacher of Ukrainian with 5 years of experience.
From UkraineLiving in Kyiv, Ukraine (00:32 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since May 2, 2022
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Hello! My name is Anastasia and I`m a teacher of Ukrainian 😉. Being crazy about singing, I`m absolutely lucky to be born in Ukraine 'cause my native language is the second most melodic in the world. If you are a melomaniac, you no doubt should learn at least 100 Ukrainian words. Here are some more facts about me. I`m passionate about modern choreography classes, and I also love watching arthouse movies, especially extremely old ones. I used to be a news correspondent for a TV channel, and my childhood dream was to become a professional actress. But eventually, my scene now is a chair in front of my laptop and you are my welcomed audience. 😊

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Conversation practice
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24 Reviews

29 Ukrainian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Anastasia is an outstanding and passionate teacher! She puts so much time and energy into her lessons and it really makes a difference in her student's learning. She also customizes her lessons based on her student's individual levels. I really appreciate all the effort you are putting into helping me learn Ukrainian. Дуже дякую!
Jul 8, 2022
Petter Sundqvist
14 Ukrainian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Anastasia is a very pedagogical teacher and her patience and encouragement are of great help for a beginner like myself. She is always well prepared and for each lesson, she has provided material that is suitable for my level. I highly recommend her as a teacher!
Jun 26, 2022
84 Ukrainian lessons
Teacher’s pick
When I took my first lesson I had been studying Ukrainian on my own for a couple weeks. I had never spoken to anyone who speaks Ukrainian, so I was a little self-conscious the first time when someone who actually speaks the language was going to hear me speak it. Within a few minutes I said a word completely wrong. Not one part was right. What happened next I really appreciated and convinced me I had made the right choice in a teacher- she simply told me "no" and started breaking down the word for me. I stopped being worried about being wrong at that point because I knew I was going to get detailed feedback and she was going to break it down as much as I needed. I also really appreciate her answering my many questions and adapting each lesson to what I specifically want to work on while adding things she thinks will help me improve (even adding in a tongue twister in our last meeting, that was challenging but also fun). I strongly recommend Anastasia.
May 25, 2022
14 Ukrainian lessons
great lesson, good conversation practice and an introduction to perfective verbs.
Feb 13, 2023
Aël Hardy
35 Ukrainian lessons
Awesome lesson as usual, with content tailored to your needs and interests. I have only one complaint about lessons with Nastia: the lessons go by too quickly!
Feb 3, 2023
Aël Hardy
35 Ukrainian lessons
Nastia is such a committed teacher - electricity shortages and being sick won't even stop her! She centers her lessons on grammar points and vocabulary, but doesn't hesitate to share cultural insights, which makes lessons effective and entertaining at the same time. She's also very patient, not losing her calm even when I forget the most basic Ukrainian words. 200% recommend her to learn the beautiful Ukrainian language!!
Dec 23, 2022
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