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Bună! I was born and raised in Bucharest. Let my professional experience to be your guide to success!! My teaching style is fun, pacient and interactive! I have helped people from all around the world to learn Romanian!! I have worked with learners of all ages from 6 to 70 and all levels!!! I graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry Carol Davila in Bucharest where I got my dentist degree! Even if you are a beginner we'll have a short conversation practice at the beginning of each class.

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6 Reviews

Student Tomasz Mat
Tomasz Mat
6 Romanian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Raluca is a wonderful teacher who helped me gain confidence in speaking before my Romanian exam. She is very well prepared for each lesson. I had the impression that each lesson was well structured, and her goal was to make me speak and activate my vocabulary as much as possible. She uses funny quizzes and pictures, and that helps a lot to memorize the vocabulary. I highly recommend lessons with Raluca if you want to practice your Romanian.
Mar 29, 2023
Student Keith
33 Romanian lessons
Teacher’s pick
She is a great teacher. She has fun lessons with PowerPoint. Too many things for me to explain. I haven't done well with studying, but with her class alone I feel like I have learned so much. She starts her class talking with me in Romanian from what I should understand and I usually do understand and can answer correctly.
Mar 13, 2023
Student Patrick
59 Romanian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Raluca is a calm teacher, who speaks slowly and very enthusiastic. Its easy to keep up and listening to her, as she has a calm and relaxing voice. The romanian lession was very well structured. Everything is explained very good, and she goes with you through all possible questions you have. Besides this, its always a bit complicate to bring joy into a session when you have to teach words or grammar, but Raluca managed to this on a high, natural level. I also liked it that Raluca brings in some personal and private details - it just felt more connected and attentive.
Dec 4, 2022
Student Paul Cary
Paul Cary
6 Romanian lessons
Raluca is a great teacher! She is well-prepared and able to see areas that need more explanation or practice.
Nov 24, 2023
Student Anastasia
4 Romanian lessons
Excellent lesson! The lessons work on building skills in all areas (listening, reading, etc) . You are able to review and build on previous lessons. This added practice makes it easier to recall and retain information. All the while you are actually using your target language!
Jul 13, 2023
Student Anastasia
4 Romanian lessons
Raluca made learning Romanian seem easy. Already I know how to say I have (Eu am...) and can read and recognize a few words (o fiica , un chec). I am really impressed with what we were able to do in 30 minutes and look forward to learning more!
Jun 6, 2023
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