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佐藤健(Sato KEN)

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Chinese (Mandarin)
獨特教學影片提升學習效果 Unique VIDEO LESSONS to boost your learning / 25多年的教學經驗 25 years' experience
From JapanLiving in Tainan, Taiwan, China (11:45 UTC+08:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Aug 17, 2022
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Born in Aomori, Japan 出生於日本青森
 Master’s degree in language teaching in US 美國大學語言教學碩士學位 Certified ”Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test” 通過日語教學能力考試
 25 years’ experience teaching at a university in Taiwan 在台灣一所大學任教25年

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Learning Japanese with《みんなのにほんご》(MINNA NO NIHONGO / 大家的日本語)&《いろどり》(IRODORI 生活的日語)based videos(自製視頻)
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JLPT N4 →N2快速通過檢定(日本語能力試験対策 N4→N2合格まで支援)
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41 Reviews

Student Ray
22 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Sato-先生 should have been here when I first started learning Japanese. I could have saved a lot of $$$. I agree to one student who said, Sato先生 has set the bar of teaching. Abundant materials, explains really well, does not hurry, in no time, you will realize you start to speak confidently. I highly recommend to everyone.
May 17, 2024
Student Jason Chang
Jason Chang
10 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
After taking lessons with over 20 different tutors on Italki, I found Sato-sensei to be the most exceptional by far. He meticulously prepared materials to address the grammar points I have been struggling with, and his proficiency in Japanese, English, and Mandarin allowed him to clearly explain the nuanced differences between various grammar constructions. His use of various examples helped simplify complex concepts, greatly facilitating my understanding. I feel very fortunate to have discovered such an outstanding teacher! 一言以蔽之,是位讓我覺得相見恨晚的日文老師!
May 13, 2024
Student Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez
11 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Sensei makes me feel much more confident in my ability to learn and speak Japanese. His videos are so so helpful and he provides feedback, tips and allows me to practice speaking and listening as well. He gives time and energy to ensuring I’m well prepared and I am very grateful!
Apr 27, 2024
Student Ray
22 Japanese lessons
I'm always looking forward to my lesson with Sato Ken-sensei. Explains very well with his own materials, makes me practice speaking. My confidence to speak has enhanced, so I intend to continue learning with Sato Ken-sensei.
Jun 6, 2024
Student Cade
10 Japanese lessons
Ken is a fantastic teacher! Every lesson feels tailored and builds on what we learned in the last lesson. All information is practical and relevant to real conversational Japanese. Having a personal google classroom to review videos and information is so helpful. I’ll be using this for a long time to review everything we did in lessons. I’ve tried a few Japanese teachers and can easily say Ken is the best one. If you’re looking for a Japanese teacher definitely go with Ken!!
Jun 2, 2024
Student Ray
22 Japanese lessons
Sato Ken sensei never fails to make the class interactive and productive. He has his own materials and you know he made them because he can easily identify other materials to bring up when he wanted to reference something related to your lesson. Highly recommended across all levels
Jun 1, 2024
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