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Let's talk about anything Japanese. Tavel, culture, traditional or food?? Studying is fun!!!
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私のなまえは直子(なおこ)です。出身は大阪です。今は東京にすんでいます。日本語のせんせいのしかくを持っているプロの日本語の先生です。ながくはたらいた仕事をやめて、今はオンラインで日本語をおしえています。10年くらい英会話をべんきょうしています。しゅみは日本や海外をりょこうすることです。スポーツをみることも好きです。せいかくは明るくてポジティブです。人と話すことがだいすきです。 I'm Naoko. I was born and raised in Osaka.I live in Tokyo now. I had worked for three companies. I got cetification of Japanese language teacher. I have been teaching Japanese from several countries since then. I have been studying English conversation about ten years. My hobby is going traveling both domestic and abroad. I like to watch various sports as well. I have two kids. My charactor is mild and personality is lively. I like to talk with people so I became a Japanese teacher.

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