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italki teacher since May 30, 2022
I'm Noam. I love languages. I grew up in a house where language was revered. With my mother a book editor and proof-reader, we always spoke correct Hebrew. My father and my grandmother were teachers, and it just runs in the family that we want to help others learn. I've always wanted to be a teacher. But life took me on a different path. After a career as a software developer, I am now looking to go back to where my passion is. I served as a software engineer in the military. I graduated in Economics and Computer Science (cum lauda) from Bar Ilan University in Israel. I will do my best to help you practice your Hebrew and make you confident in your Hebrew.

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17 Hebrew lessons
Teacher’s pick
The teacher is very capable of leading classes at the student's pace, he talks slowly and he's easy to understand. Also he chooses interesting topics to talk and provide feedback and lesson vocabulary after each class. I strongly recommend him!
Nov 30, 2022
Andrey Melnikov
36 Hebrew lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have had multiple lessons with Noam already and have enjoyed the experience very much. Noam explains finer points of Hebrew language very well and is a very pleasant and intelligent conversation partner. He has plenty of experience in tech/business and his help in guiding me through Hebrew terminology relevant to these two areas was invaluable.
Nov 7, 2022
15 Hebrew lessons
Teacher’s pick
My conversations with Noam have been outright fantastic. The atmosphere is very pleasant as Noam shows great interest in what you have to say. He will smoothly lead the discussion forward on subjects that matter to you. Corrections are not just word based but may involve the whole sentence to help your way to native Hebrew. He easily identifies the words you are stuck on, making discussions very productive. Finally, his experience may benefit you beyond your Hebrew language skills. Thanks, Noam. I'm looking forward to our next session.
Jul 30, 2022
12 Hebrew lessons
Great interaction
Dec 28, 2022
12 Hebrew lessons
After class, I received a short list of my problem words in Hebrew and English. I received the list not only in writing, but also verbally. The pronunciation was quite clear, you could hear exactly where the stress was and also where an alef or ayin should be written.
Dec 3, 2022
3 Hebrew lessons
Good lesson, Noam gave me enough time and comfort to speak
Oct 27, 2022
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