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Hello. I'm Shiina from Kobe, Japan. Thank you for checking my page. I'm working at Japanese language school in Osaka. I really like this job because there are lots of new things to discover every day when I talk to students. I love talking with new people and learning about different cultures. So I'm sure I make you feel free to talk in my lesson :) ※100% of the lesson fee must be paid, if a lesson is cancelled within 12 hours. こんにちは!Shiinaです。神戸(こうべ)に住んでいます。大阪の学校で日本語を教えています。 いろいろな国の人と話すと新しい発見がたくさんあるので、本当にこの仕事が楽しくて、大好きです。 ぜひみなさんの国や好きなことについて、たくさん教えてくださいね。 ◆好きなもの, love ‐旅行, travel -ドラマやアニメ, watching drama and Amine -Kpop -料理、甘いもの, cooking and sweets ※12時間以内のレッスンキャンセルはレッスン代をお支払いいただいています。

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I had a great lesson with Shiina! She was helpful, kind and encouraging. We did conversation practice and she kept track of the mistakes I made so that we could look at them at the end of the lesson, which was a good way to not interrupt the conversation flow but still get feedback.
Sep 15, 2022
Jaylen Tan
17 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Just had my 1st lesson with Shiina sensei. I am very satisfied and impressed by her efforts put in and also deliverance of the lesson. She totally understood my struggles and concern and provided assistance and help towards that aspect. It's like treating sickness with the right medicine. Her experience and crudential as a teacher makes her a very reliable and reassuring teacher to have for people learning Japanese. I would like to continue to take more lessons with her. Thanks for a very informative and helpful lesson Shiina sensei. Looking forward to the next one.
Sep 11, 2022
Justin Chang
2 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Sep 4, 2022
Jaylen Tan
17 Japanese lessons
Today Shiina sensei reviewed all the previously learnt Osaka dialect by practicing their usage using example sentences. I felt that she is understanding and shown initiative. Firm and emphatic, she recognized that keep learning new things will sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to keep up or remember. Having a lesson to revise and practice is equally essential as well. I am grateful for that courtesy and support. Learning language is after all best when applied. Thanks for another great lesson and wonderful time Shiina sensei. Looking forward to the next one as usual.
Jan 26, 2023
Jaylen Tan
17 Japanese lessons
Today we went through nai form of Osaka dialect. In addition, Shiina sensei always ensure to have time to practice pronunciation and request to form example sentences for more practice. Shiina sensei is a very reliable and reassuring teacher that provides structured and organized format in lessons. Professional, knowledgeable and experienced, a highly qualified teacher. Accommodating, flexible and supportive, other than dialect she definitely is able to carry out other aspects of lessons such as conversational and grammar. I felt so honored to be able to study dialect from a native like Shiina sensei. Thank you!
Jan 18, 2023
Jaylen Tan
17 Japanese lessons
We continued covering on Osaka dialect series. It's insightful and useful as usual. Contents were prepared in an organized and complete manner. Shiina sensei also ensure to include practice time on pronunciation and short conversation for application. Very time efficient. It's always better to find a native to practice dialect. I am thankful to have found Shiina sensei in my Japanese dialect learning journey.
Jan 12, 2023
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