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Teacher Teo with 10 years of working experience.
From GeorgiaLiving in Berlin, Germany (12:49 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Jun 3, 2022
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Experienced and passionate Teacher who loves her job. Working with children and with new people that is always the subject of my interest. I love travelling and I do travel a lot, that gives me the possibility to visit beautiful ancient places and to meet interesting people. My number one hobby is Astronomy, which always is and will be the subject of my admiration. My fresh new hobby: gardening, snowboarding and motorcycling. Do you want to know more about me and my mother tongue? Then join me :)

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Georgian for beginners.
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Do you already know Georgian but you still need bravery in conversation? Then let's be Georgian "Supermen" in communication.
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71 Reviews

Student roberthope88
6 Georgian lessons
Always a pleasure to learn from Teona.
Feb 16, 2024
Student Elizaveta Serebrian
Elizaveta Serebrian
2 Georgian lessons
Преподавание грузинского языка с Теоной - это настоящее путешествие в мир культуры Грузии 🤗❤️Спасибо за ваши увлекательные уроки и за то, что делаете изучение грузинского таким увлекательным и запоминающимся опытом!💫
Jan 30, 2024
Student Mateus Lucio
Mateus Lucio
3 Georgian lessons
Why so many words to explain?, just absolutely amazing
Jan 23, 2024
Student Nicky
1 Georgian lesson
Amazing first lesson with Teona - really great and patient. Am looking forward to learn more!
Jan 12, 2024
Student Viktoria Kolesnikova
Viktoria Kolesnikova
11 Georgian lessons
Thank you dear Teona for a blast of motivation and good mood as always ❤️🤗
Dec 10, 2023
Student Viktoria Kolesnikova
Viktoria Kolesnikova
11 Georgian lessons
I am so happy I have chosen Teona as a teacher! After every lesson I feel so motivated to keep on learning Georgian and book another lesson with her :) I think she is a great "ambassador" of her country, because she tells with big passion and love about Georgia, she has always some interesting content about Georgia that will inspire you to visit Georgia or at least to go to the Georgian restaurant:) She makes me feel really proud of my progress although I am just a beginner doing baby steps in learning this beautiful language. Looking forward to new lessons to make more progress and to hear from Teona "kargi gogo khar" :D
Dec 7, 2023
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