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Hello everyone! I'm Giannis,I am a University of Aegean graduate (Teaching Greek as a foreign language) and I am currently studying at the University of York (EU campus) . I love spending time either out exploring new places or staying in and watching a good movie with friends. As a Greek, I need at least one Gyros sandwich per week to survive 🌯 📌For EU/US/UK based companies, please contact me before booking Greek Language training.

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53 Reviews

Michael L
27 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Giannis helped me get the Greek language certificate so that I can get the Greek citizenship. When I first moved to Greece I went to a Greek language center but it was a waste of time ! I wish I would have started taking lessons with Giannis earlier . His teaching method is efficient and saved me a lot of time and effort !
Feb 21, 2024
Paul S.
29 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have tried learning greek with 3 different teachers in the past but Giannis proved to be the best. The method he is using makes it easy to learn fast and get the most out of every lesson
Feb 16, 2024
James P.
60 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've been taking Greek bootcamp classes for the last 2,5 months and I have to say Giannis is the best teacher I have ever had. He is efficient, knowledgeable and helps me understand every part of the Greek language . The method we are using during the lesson helps me learn quickly and saves me tons of time. I wish I would have have used the same method when I was learning French . Ευχαριστώ πολύ Γιάννη ! Είσαι ο καλύτερος δάσκαλος!!
Feb 14, 2024
2 Greek lessons
Second lesson with Giannis who's really making a great effort to adapt to my needs and interests. I highly recommend his services. Thanks a lot.
Feb 29, 2024
20 Greek lessons
As we prepare to embark on our company trip to Greece, I am immensely grateful for the transformative impact Giannis has had on our Dubai based team. His expertise, passion, and unwavering support have not only equipped us with essential language skills but have also fostered a deeper connection to Greek culture and heritage. Without a doubt, Giannis has been instrumental in turning our team-building endeavor into a truly unforgettable journey.His personalized approach ensures everyone feels engaged and supported, while his dedication to our progress is commendable.His dedication, expertise, and infectious enthusiasm make him a truly exceptional Greek language teacher !
Feb 25, 2024
Steven B
31 Greek lessons
I am learning Greek so that I can speak to my wife's greek family when we will visit them in Athens. Giannis has helped me learn more than I thought I could. The lesson and the method make it easy to understand all parts of the greek language . Plus , it's time efficient ! I already feel more confident speaking Greek
Feb 23, 2024
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