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italki teacher since Jun 13, 2022
My names Tu - Im from Vietnam, currently living in Ho Chi Minh city and I speak southern accent. I have a bachelor degree where I studied language analysis and teaching method. Furthermore, I have more than 3 years experience in teaching Vietnamese as a fulltime teacher.

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43 Reviews

DJ Hill
107 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Cô Tú is an amazing teacher! I already taken 20+ lessons from her and I've NEVER once been disappointed! As an absolute beginner, I'm surprised at how much Vietnamese I have learned in such a short time! After watching her intro video, the 3 reasons I chose to learn from her were: 1. she sounded prepared; 2. she looked engaged with her students & encouraged them; and 3. she used Vietnamese to teach Vietnamese. That's one of the best things about Cô Tú... she gives you an immersive environment to learn Vietnamese! She is very patient and uses gestures & words you know to try to explain to you new words or phrases. Only as a last resort does she use English. Her lessons cover everything you really need to know, especially how to correctly pronounce words! Whenever I fail, I NEVER feel foolish with her but instead she motivates me to keep trying! I'm sure there are other great teachers out there but I plan to continue to keep learning from Cô Tú as I couldn't ask for a better teacher!
Nov 18, 2022
Ryan B
86 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Classes with Tu have been a great pleasure. I now have completed six lessons, and I continue to be impressed by Tu’s teaching style, preparedness, and attention to detail. In general, Tu demonstrates an excellent knowledge of language instruction. More impressively, though, Tu does an excellent job adjusting lessons to focus the most time and attention toward the areas where I am weaker, while still giving time to strengthen and practice in areas where I am stronger. I have a few different languages with many different teachers, and Tu is definitely among the most skilled I have studied with. I feel extremely lucky to have found such a teacher on italki, and I strongly recommend her.
Sep 26, 2022
Anthony Pham
105 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
After a few months' break, I was eager to get back on with my Vietnamese lessons. I chose Ngoc Tu as my new teacher as I trusted her educational background in language studies and her experience mentoring a wide range of students from total beginners to the advanced. For ‘’higher level’’ Vietnamese speakers, her lessons are designed to be practical yet rigorous. She will make her students speak in Vietnamese as much as possible on a variety of topics grounded in reality and useful in the real world. Then, you will practice reading by going through short passages while she helps you understand the words you missed and highlight the sentence structures that will be useful for you when you write. As homework, you will be frequently asked to write a short text summarizing a current affairs videoclip or a newspaper article depending on your interests. Tu’s lessons are succinct, densely packed and tailored to the needs each student, which is ideal for those of us leading busy lives.
Aug 16, 2022
Ryan B
86 Vietnamese lessons
It was a pleasure to study again with Cô Tú, she is an exceptionally talented teacher who shows over-and-above preparation and care in her lessons. Cô Tú, additionally, gives skillful attentions to the nuance of language; while also maintaining a high level of attention in making only skillful corrections. Thus, she is able to excellently guide the student to an understanding and correct speaking quickly. It is a pleasure to study with her and I feel very lucky to have found her on italki. I give her classes the highest recommendation.
Nov 10, 2023
Kim-Sanh Châu
12 Vietnamese lessons
Tu is a great teacher. She has a good method and is very available and encouraging.
Oct 18, 2023
Mayank Vaghela
1 Vietnamese lesson
I had the pleasure of having a Vietnamese teacher who was incredibly polite, patient, and made learning the language a lot of fun. Their approach to teaching created a positive and comfortable learning environment. I appreciated their dedication and enjoyed every class with them. Highly recommended!
Sep 18, 2023
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