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After graduating, I worked for five years as a psychologist in Paris, before deciding to move abroad. I took on a complete language teaching course because I wanted to be able to work in any country in the world, and I loved it. I got so interested in how to best teach a language that I read all I could find about it, and tried a wide range of methods. I worked in language schools in London, Buenos Aires and Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and ended up creating my own school. In 2015 I started with online lessons on italki and have dedicated myself to it since then, exploring all the potential of distance learning.

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904 Reviews

Student Sarah
40 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I started with Cedric as a complete beginner in French. I was looking for a teacher that would be extremely picky with pronunciation and Cedric truly delivers. He constantly gives me feedback on anything I mispronounce or if my intonation is off. Learning with Cedric’s special method (Silent Way/Pronunciation Science) eliminates the usual guesswork involved with simply listening to and imitating audio. I've even been able to apply what I’ve learned about pronunciation with him to improve my German. Cedric is really patient. For example, it took 5 lessons before I was proficient with the French R and he kept working on it with me and giving me feedback and resources. I feel comfortable and have fun at our lessons. Cedric is positive and encouraging when giving feedback and teaching; I leave our lessons excited about what I’ve learned. Cedric quickly answers my questions and reviews my notes outside of class. I look forward to progressing more in the French language with Cedric.
Jan 5, 2024
Student Serap
187 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
An amazing teacher! He supports you to find and correct your own mistakes and finds the subjects that you might be interested. I always look forward to lessons.
Jul 15, 2021
Student Facu Belocopitt
Facu Belocopitt
88 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Cedric is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He knows a lot about pedagogy and he is a specialist in innovative teaching frameworks that will guarantee you will be fluent in french in the fastest way possible. I literally was speaking french in about three months and many native french speakers were surprised by my pronunciation. If you are serious about learning french do not doubt hiring Cedric. You wont regret it.
Jan 15, 2021
Student Geraldine Whitt
Geraldine Whitt
52 French lessons
Cedric is exceptional.
Mar 12, 2024
Student Yifan Li
Yifan Li
1 French lesson
Amazing first session, definitely I’ll book more sessions
Mar 8, 2024
Student Geraldine Whitt
Geraldine Whitt
52 French lessons
Cedric is always a pleasure. Professional overall.
Feb 15, 2024
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