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Professional teacher with over 17 years of experience and over 8700 sessions :)
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italki teacher since Aug 12, 2014
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I am a polyglot and a professional teacher of Arabic and have been teaching both MSA and Levantine for over 10 years, collaborating with various universities and institutes, including: • Washington and Lee University (Supplementary Online Teacher) • Arabesk studies in Damascus. • The Finnish Institute of the Middle East. • Italki :)

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Arabic (Levantine)
Student Suney Hindocha
Suney Hindocha
156 Arabic lessons
Teacher’s pick
Professor Fadi has a unique pedagogic methodology by which one can become an adept speaker of Arabic at an accelerated pace. He encourages you to go out of your comfort zone and communicate in Arabic during lessons, so that you begin to “live” in the language. I have seen a rapid change in my ability and confidence to communicate in Arabic since I began lessons with Professor Fadi. Furthermore, Professor Fadi is a very patient and helpful teacher, so the student never feels worried about making a mistake, and his approach therefore is very effective at building confidence with the language, which is of paramount importance. I would highly recommend Professor Fadi, who goes out of his way to help students as much as possible. He is one of a kind!
Apr 14, 2022
Student Ann Park
Ann Park
24 Arabic (Modern Standard) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Wowww, I´ve never met a teacher here on italki that is experienced, prepared, and ready to teach. As intimidating as Arabic is, he makes it easy. We went over verb conjugations in this lesson. Even though I was nervous, he was great at making me feel at ease and guiding me through the lesson. Shoukran yaa Fadi. Bedros ktiir il yom ma3ak. :D
Mar 26, 2018
Student Ting Ting
Ting Ting
157 Arabic lessons
Teacher’s pick
I'm scared to keep writing good things about Fadi because I don't want anyone else taking my times! He's definitely the best!
Mar 2, 2016
Student Scott Foster
Scott Foster
229 Arabic (Modern Standard) lessons
This was another fantastic lesson with materials that challenged me. It's always great to have enough familiarity to be able to understand the context, even if there are individual words that stump you.
Jun 16, 2024
Student Davis Oldham
Davis Oldham
45 Arabic (Modern Standard) lessons
درس جيد. شكلا جزيلا.
Jun 12, 2024
Student Scott Foster
Scott Foster
229 Arabic (Modern Standard) lessons
Really good lesson today after a week off.It's always exciting to see my vocabulary grow, and also be able to figure out the meaning of new words based on the grammatical rules Fadi has taught me.
Jun 9, 2024
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