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Hello! My name is Zeynep Özalpuk. I'm a graduate of Turkish and English Translation and Interpreting and I teach Turkish and English. I love sketching, playing guitar, and dancing. A few fun-fact about me are that I'm a cat person and my favorite musician is Tamino. Language learning has always been a part of my life and as a Turkish-English teacher, I enjoy getting to share my language with people. I especially love meeting so many different people and seeing my students' growth.

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24 Reviews

Student Marina Liubimova
Marina Liubimova
36 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoy process of education with Zeynep. She is always bringigng fan facts about language and culture to the plate. That helps me in conversation practice, which is the most tuff for me. Her personality makes process less sharp and traumatic, leading me to speak a new language.
Aug 11, 2023
Student Honoka
55 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
We have done 5 packeage lessons, and every time I enjoyed and learned many things! She is really good at explaining grammar and phrases, also when she explains vocaburary she use many body gestures and it's so cute 😊 I will keep taking her lesson more🌸
Dec 2, 2022
Student Arabella
38 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Zeynep is lovely and very easy to follow during the class. Her class is enjoyable. She is a great teacher!!!!
Nov 18, 2022
Student Anastasiia Riadynska
Anastasiia Riadynska
5 Turkish lessons
I like lessons very much)
Apr 4, 2024
Student Siti Mariam
Siti Mariam
2 Turkish lessons
My first lesson is very fun. Tried few trial class to find a teacher that meet with my style of learning, and Zeynep it the one. Since English is not our 1st language, sometimes I find it hard to understand what other the pronounce, but I don't have this issue with her. She teach and keep the lesson entertaining. I definitely will continue learning for her. My search for a great teacher has come to the end. Thank you Zeynep.
Mar 21, 2024
Student Marina Liubimova
Marina Liubimova
36 Turkish lessons
I had a lot of fun during the lesson. And it was also productive🫶🏻
Dec 2, 2023
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