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Teacher with more than 8 years experience.
From SwedenLiving in Gothenburg, Sweden (13:29 UTC+00:00)
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italki teacher since Feb 16, 2023
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I'm Linnea, a passionate tutor with over 8 years of experience, and I find immense joy in every moment of teaching. Beyond the world of languages, I am an enthusiast for fitness, outdoor adventures, and a profound connection with animals and nature. When I'm not immersed in the intricacies of the Swedish language, you can find me riding horses or embracing the serenity of the yoga mat. With a positive and outgoing nature, I am always excited to share my knowledge and connect with learners. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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37 Reviews

42 Swedish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Linnea is an absolutely fantastic teacher. She clearly enjoys what she does and has a knack for explaining potentially confusing concepts. She has a plethora of resources to assist with teaching; from reading materials, grammar practice, dialogues and much more. She has a clear path of progression for her students and every lesson builds and expands on previous ones. Above all she is a lovely person with warm personality which makes every lesson feel special and each one is a highlight of my week.
Oct 7, 2023
12 Swedish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Linnea is really one of a kind! She comes well prepared and has a plan for the lesson, specifically tailored to my needs. That makes the lessons really efficient. But not only that! She is also a really cool person :) Very patient and humorous and knows exactly how to tickle my ambition so that I'm motivated to learn even between the lessons - what she supports with as much homework as I can/want to do :o
May 12, 2023
Olga Arbus
22 Swedish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I'm having a really great time studying swedish with Linnea! She knows a way how to make boring lesson fun and exciting, she has a way to figure out one's strengths and weaknesess and adjust lesson to the needs of the student, not just blindly follow some rigid plan or textbook. Also she's really supportive and gives a lot of positive feed back, it's been a pleasure really, looking forward to the next lesson with her!
Mar 1, 2023
Gregory Kiddie
12 Swedish lessons
Linnea is a fantastic teacher! Her passion, humor, dedication, and ability to foster a supportive and engaging learning environment is unparalleled and truly inspiring. She also possesses the ability to break down more complex concepts into bite-sized, manageable pieces to ensure even someone as dumb as I can understand. Highly recommended if you're looking to actually propel your competency forward! She meets you where you're at.
Feb 22, 2024
Camila Piragibe
9 Swedish lessons
Min fantastiska läraren, Linnea, kommer alltid med något nytt till klassen (intressanta lektioner, dialoger, noveller...) och jättebra grammatiktips!
Feb 13, 2024
Camila Piragibe
9 Swedish lessons
Jag älskar alla lektioner med Linnea! Det är supertrevligt att lära sig svenska med henne! Klasserna är alltid väldigt produktiva! :)
Jan 23, 2024
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