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Hey! Even though I'm from Central, I've lived in Sài Gòn for a while so I can speak these two accents so don't worry about the accent :) I am an aspiring "singer". Music has been my greatest passion in life. I've fallen head over heels in love with melodies since I was a child. You know, Vietnamese is a tonal language, so come and "sing" with me :) I love my language - spreading this love with you guys is just icing on the cake. I'm also an aspiring language learner. Before passing away, I want to study and become fluent in at least 5 languages. Find out which languages are those :)

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56 Reviews

9 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
This teacher's excellent understanding of American English idiom really helps him to explain Vietnamese idiom with parallel examples in both languages. Wish I had focused on his Advanced Vietnamese class earlier!
Jan 29, 2023
Mike Surinak
6 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another awesome lesson! He’s really good at checking my pronunciation - I like that!!! 😀 He’s also very good about always trying to teach me SPOKEN Vietnamese 👍
Aug 29, 2022
Ian Dickey
4 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thiên's profile video really stood out for me, so I knew I had to book a class with him. It was when he said "If you are bored of Northern or Southern accent then I might be a good choice." Having something other than Northern or Southern accent to offer students is not what makes him a good choice. Thiên strikes as really humble and sincere. He was very enthusiastic and supportive. Even if I couldn't express everything I wanted to say in Vietnamese, he encouraged me to say it in English. He would then translate it into Vietnamese and break it down. After not having any classes for a couple of weeks, I confess I wasn't feeling very motivated but after our class started I immediately forgot all about that.
Aug 8, 2022
4 Vietnamese lessons
Feb 3, 2023
David Linguacoach
7 Vietnamese lessons
Another great class with Văn today! We hammered vowel sounds and he sent me a brilliant document to practice the multiple vowels sounds! Văn is the best!
Feb 1, 2023
9 Vietnamese lessons
Extremely productive time with this teacher. I have started the Advanced Vietnamese classes to work on colloquialisms, including idioms and more common spoken word usage. What a blast!
Jan 29, 2023
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