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Currently doing a Master's in Portuguese Language and Comparative Literature. Two years of experience teaching Croatian and English. Learning Spanish. Languages all day, every day! :)

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37 Reviews

Student Nick Taormina
Nick Taormina
41 Croatian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Veronika je najbolja! She’s funny, easy going and super relatable. Lessons are very relaxed and my (many) mistakes are always met with encouragement and a laugh from both of us. She pushes me to be a more confident speaker and lets me take a shot at saying a sentence before giving suggestions on how to improve it or fix anything. She’s awesome! Hvala puno!
Dec 27, 2023
Student Barend
28 Croatian lessons
Teacher’s pick
The lessons are always fun and interesting! I already learned so much Croatian in a short amount of time! It’s cool how much you can learn when you talk to someone who is motivating you to speak! Also she informed me about a language study in Croatia which I applied for with her help. Super, hvala ti!🙌
Jun 19, 2023
Student Paul
16 Croatian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Veronika je vrlo dobra učiteljica! She has a really clear pronunciation, she's communicative and knowledgeable. She can teach you the natural, every-day language spoken in Zagreb, as well as the official standard. She pays attention to details in just the right amount: gives you enough space to speak, but also corrects important mistakes. Hvala ti puno, vidimo se!!
Dec 1, 2022
Student Eryk Makowski
Eryk Makowski
1 Croatian lesson
I had a delightful lesson that fully met my expectations. As a beginner at the A1 level, it's too soon to speak about outcomes, but the positive and friendly atmosphere created by the teacher was very good. Additionally, the connection quality was excellent. I highly recommend this teacher to anyone looking to start their language learning journey..
Apr 29, 2024
Student Gene
4 Croatian lessons
I'm really enjoying my classes with Veronika. She's very patient and understanding. She is always ready with material that is engaging and fun. I appreciate her flexibility and willingness to work according to my learning preferences. I highly recommend Veronika as a teacher.
Apr 9, 2024
Student Anthony
1 Croatian lesson
I'm a complete beginner in Croatian and Veronika knew exactly where to start with me. She taught mostly through examples, letting me do more of the learning myself, instead of just explaining concepts to me. This is a fundamental part of language teaching and she did it very well. Really pleased!
Apr 6, 2024
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