siyanda bisha

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From South AfricaLiving in Cape Town, South Africa (02:33 UTC+02:00)
I was a leading student on the History, English and IsiXhosa classes during my Matric Year.
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italki teacher since Feb 28, 2023
I am an ambitious person who loves meeting new people and learning new things. My curiosity and being out-spoken has led me to places that I never thought I would be. I am a tolerant human being who is humble and very caring who usually gives out kindness as I feel it's the priceless thing to give to others. I am open to learning a new language. I am person who loves to spend my time attending business seminars, reading a lot of books that helps self-development and excersing. I am busy persuading my TEFL certificate. I am looking to enroll at local tertiary institutions to further my studies on coding and later business studies. I believe knowledge is one of the best tool one can have.

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