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Hello, I'm Emi. I am from Tokyo, Japan and still live in Tokyo. My hobbies are traveling abroad, eating sweets, and watching Korean dramas. I especially like chocolate-coated cookies and waffles. I would love to hear about your recommendations for places and sweets in your country. こんにちは!私はEmiです。 私は日本の東京都出身で現在も東京に住んでいます。 日本で暮らしている外国人の学生や社会人に日本語を教えるボランティアを2年ほどしていました。いろいろな国の人たちとの交流が楽しくて、日本語講師に興味を持ち、養成学校を経て日本語講師になりました。 趣味は海外旅行と、スイーツを食べること、韓国ドラマを観ることです。スイーツはチョコレートコーティングのクッキーや、ワッフルが特に好きです。 みなさんの国のおすすめ場所やスイーツのお話しも聞きたいです。

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Trial Lesson
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【25min/55min】日本語会話 ! Let's enjoy casual conversation!
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Conversation Practice

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【25min / 55min】【Beginners' Lesson】 初級会話・文法・ひらがな・カタカナ + free conversation
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62 Reviews

Student Autumn Lidgett
Autumn Lidgett
30 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Sensei Emi has helped me improve my Japanese reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills massively since she started being my teacher. She allows for many different types of conversations to take place within the class. For example, today we went over numbers, katakana, and did a conversational lesson on languages. I had many opportunities to ask questions in Japanese to Sensei Emi! Then, when she asked me questions in return, I was able to reply in Japanese answering questions such as "OOわかりますか? and OOできますか?". I even felt comfortable enough to make my first joke in Japanese! That is amazing considering I've only started learning Japanese 6 months ago. I can also read and understand a few short stories! Sensei Emi is truly the best and encourages you during every step of your Japanese learning journey.
Mar 14, 2024
Student Yu-Lun Luo
Yu-Lun Luo
37 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am having free conversation lesson with Emi teacher. Emi teacher is patient and friendly to help students to speak in Japanese. She will corrects your grammar mistakes or suggest you a more native or better way to express your opinion. Sometimes send you a supplementary material for you to enhance your speaking skills.
Jul 17, 2023
Student Ivan Ronquillo
Ivan Ronquillo
36 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
レッスンはとても面白くて分かりやすく、先生についてもとても優しく丁寧なのでお勧めです。 The lessons are very interesting and easy to understand, and the teacher is very kind and polite, so I recommend the lessons.
Jul 11, 2023
Student Autumn Lidgett
Autumn Lidgett
30 Japanese lessons
Emi Sensei uses several different learning methods to suit your learning style, incorporating reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice of new material. She also reviews old material and topics with you to make sure they stay in your head and to practice. Every lesson is fun, engaging, and interesting!
Jun 14, 2024
Student Ivan Ronquillo
Ivan Ronquillo
36 Japanese lessons
Apr 16, 2024
Student Autumn Lidgett
Autumn Lidgett
30 Japanese lessons
Sensei Emi gives a lot of time to speak and practice your Japanese skills during the class. She uses many resources to help you understand what will be discussed and gives many examples for you to follow. She also includes time to practice writing, through little writing quizzes! Every class, Sensei Emi makes sure that you practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking in Japanese!
Apr 11, 2024
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