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My name is Nevena and I can help you learn and improve your Greek and Serbian.😊 I come from Serbia and live in Greece. I have a Bachelor's degree in modern Greek language and literature at the Belgrade University of Philology, and have additionally completed two international programs in Greek at the Aristotle University and ΙΜΧΑ (Institute for Balkan Studies) - levels C2 and C1. I am currently doing my Master's degree in History, Anthropology and Culture in Eastern and Southeastern Europe at the University of Macedonia. I am a passionate language enthusiast and know fully well all the wonders and struggles of learning a new language. But fear not! It is all just a game.😉

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Serbian basics for beginners
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Serbian lessons for intermediate learners
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10 Reviews

Kostic Jovana
1 Greek lesson
My first lesson with Nevena was excellent, she is very patient and open for every question,she gave me all the materials from the start which is very important because I can learn in between the lessons.I will for sure continue my lessons with her 😁âĪïļ
Dec 3, 2023
2 Serbian lessons
Our first Serbian lesson with Nevena was great. Her energy is great and she is very knowledgeable. She provided me a book and we went through the first chapters together. Highly recommended!!!
Nov 25, 2023
9 Greek lessons
Nevena, my Modern Greek teacher, has been exceptional in her approach to teaching the fundamental aspects of the Greek language. In just a short time, she has adeptly guided me through the basics, focusing especially on pronunciation rules, an area where I have already seen notable improvement. Her proficiency in Greek is comparable to that of a native speaker, which adds immense value to her teaching. However, what sets Nevena apart is her deep understanding of the challenges faced by us as foreigners aspiring to speak Greek. This insight allows her to tailor her lessons more effectively, making them not only educational but also incredibly engaging. Her ability to empathize with her students and adapt her teaching methods accordingly is, in my opinion, what makes her lessons particularly effective and enjoyable. Thanks
Nov 24, 2023
9 Greek lessons
Nevena is an exceptional Modern Greek teacher whose expertise in the morphology and syntax of the language is unparalleled. Her passion for philology and the scientific study of language is evident in every interaction. What truly sets Nevena apart is her dynamic approach to teaching. She consistently finds innovative ways to engage and stimulate interest, making each lesson not only informative but also incredibly captivating. Her ability to involve me in the learning process in a stimulating manner is commendable. As a student, I feel privileged to learn from her. Nevena is more than just a teacher; she is a mentor who inspires and encourages her students to excel in their studies. Her dedication and commitment to teaching are truly praiseworthy. Anyone looking to delve into the depths of Modern Greek would be fortunate to have Nevena as their guide
Nov 24, 2023
9 Greek lessons
I've thoroughly enjoyed my first few lessons with Nevena. She's patient and pleasant as well as helpful and precise. She's proving to be an indispensable guide to my understanding of the language. I greatly appreciate her explanations of finer grammatical points, as well as many other useful or interesting anecdotes.
Nov 7, 2022
3 Greek lessons
Great lesson!
Oct 16, 2022
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