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italki teacher since Mar 23, 2015
★レッスンリクエストは、事前にメッセージを頂いた方のみお受けいたします。I'll accept a lesson request from new students only when we agreed to work together in advance. こんにちは。久美子(くみこ)と申します。東京に住んでいます。人材会社とITアウトソーシング会社で長く働いた後、今はフリーランスのビジネスコンサルタントおよび日本語教師として仕事をしています。音楽を聞くこと・歌うこと、Netflix、運動など、色々な趣味があります。 Hello, I'm Kumiko from Tokyo, Japan. I’ve worked for a human resource and IT outsourcing company for many years, and am now working as a freelance business consultant and Japanese language teacher. I have various hobbies like listening to music, singing, binge-watching, excising, etc..

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1,503 Reviews

137 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thank you for all of your help! Your lessons are always challenging and informative. You put so much work into every lesson. I'll see you again soon! ありがとうございました。
May 14, 2021
Justin Lee
92 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
One of the very best! Amazing structured lessons that are always rewarding and interesting. Kumiko clearly spends a lot of time and effort crafting personalized lessons tailored to individual student needs. Her lessons are challenging and engaging, and for me, on par with taking a rigorous university course. I look forward to seeing what new videos and readings comprise the lessons for each week! Thanks!
Nov 20, 2020
48 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kumiko has been teaching me everything about job interviews and business Japanese. She and I are preparing for Japanese job interviews and writing my resume. I appreciate that she always plans and prepares for our lessons. After taking her class, I fell more confident to use Japanese for work and private.
Jun 5, 2020
22 Japanese lessons
Today we practised conversation during check in and check out at the ryokan. Sensei gave me very good tips on how to carry out a simple yet effective conversation. Thank you sensei. I am sure this will come in very useful during my trip to Japan.
Dec 2, 2022
22 Japanese lessons
As I am planning for my trip to Japan, sensei helped to include more conversational practice at different scenarios (post office, hotel, train station etc) The role play session is fun today. I am less worried about my trip to Japan now.
Nov 25, 2022
22 Japanese lessons
As I will be travelling to Japan soon and would like to post letters and postcards at the post office, sensei provided a lot of information for me so that I can navigate smoothly at the post office and we also practised simple conversation at the counter. Thank you very much sensei.
Nov 18, 2022
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