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Hi! My name is Şeyda, and I am super excited to meet you here on Italki! Here are some things about myself that you probably would like to know before our first lesson. I am a native Turkish speaker. I would like to think I am a very open-minded person, and I love to talk to people about their culture and life experiences. I live in Istanbul. In my free times, I like cooking and doing sport.

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267 Reviews

Student shanegmcnicol
34 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Şeyda is a very good teacher and has been very well prepared with each and every lesson we've had. Her teaching style has been way different from any other teacher I've learned from on this platform. She is fast pace and on point. She doesn't allow the student to veer off topic very long without reeling you back in place. Very little English is used and her style forces you to be evolve and interact. My very first thoughts with our first lesson was that this would not be a very productive way of learning. Well I was wrong and now after a few lessons I feel it might be the bast method for my learning.
Oct 15, 2023
Student Adrian
53 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Words can never express my biggest thanks for your enormous patience ,emotional support ,constant encouragement and not least for the excellent prepared classes, just, to help me to master this beautiful and lovely Turkish language ,spoken by these fantastic people.....I appreciate a lot your effort ,THANK YOU SO MUCH ŞEYDA TEACHER!!!
Feb 8, 2023
Student Vladislav
120 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
That was amazing! Şeyda helped me organize my lesson notes so I can learn more effectively at home. I can see how I get better day by day. Having classes every day was a great idea for sure)
Nov 2, 2022
Student Emine
134 Turkish lessons
A great lesson thank you :)
Jun 2, 2024
Student José David Mora
José David Mora
26 Turkish lessons
Phrases again after long time.
May 20, 2024
Student John MacFarlane
John MacFarlane
1 Turkish lesson
Excellent lesson -- I told Şeyda that I just wanted to practice conversation, and that's what we did. She was encouraging and helped me find the right construction when I couldn't.
May 10, 2024
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