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Danish lessons for all levels! Not taking new students at the moment.
From DenmarkLiving in Medellin, Colombia (10:18 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Sep 23, 2022
My name is Laust Walther and I am from Denmark. I am a big language lover and that is why I wanted to teach as well. I speak three languages (Danish, English, and Spanish) and my dream is to go to China and learn Chinese one day. My big passion has always been to play football/soccer and do other sports. Then I play the guitar and sometimes go to the gym. Right now I am currently living in Medellín, Colombia, where I will stay until June. I fell in love with South America when I lived in Paraguay for a year back in 2018. So I am super happy to be back on the continent and getting to know the Colombian culture while I keep up my Spanish.

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50 Reviews

5 Danish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Can we please give a huge round of applause for this man? Laust is absolutely amazing and without a doubt, the best teacher I have ever had. As someone who teaches languages myself, it's truly refreshing to be on the receiving end and experience how a student feels. Laust has made the entire experience nothing short of fantastic. Right from the first lesson, I knew that I wanted to continue learning from him. He is interactive, lively and extremely patient, especially when guiding me through the tricky pronunciation aspect of learning Danish. Even on days when I'm not feeling my best, Laust has a way of making me feel better. Perhaps it's because I love the language or maybe it's because he makes every lesson a pleasurable experience. He is an incredibly resourceful and knowledgeable teacher, and I'm eagerly looking forward to many more lessons with him! Way to go, Laust!
Apr 28, 2023
15 Danish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I was lucky to find such a talented Danish conversation teacher. I really appreciate how well the lessons are planned and all the active feedback to keep expanding my vocabulary. Laust is a great teacher and makes it all look effortless!
Mar 2, 2023
22 Danish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been having lessons with Laust for almost six months now and I can only confirm how great of a teacher he is. He combines his own lesson plan of things to talk about or useful expressions/vocabulary with a grammar book. We increasingly use Danish as a language for communication at the beginning of the class, balancing between natural conversation, cultural notes and useful phrases. Afterwards, we continue with some grammar but always very applied, either through questions, exercises or texts. We also read aloud a lot so my pronunciation is corrected. Laust prioritizes the ability to use a certain expression in conversation over memorizing a theory behind it. This has been great for me as I can see the improvements week after week. As a plus, Laust encourages me to use Danish in my daily life, either at the supermarket or in language exchanges, always motivating me to use my new learned skills in real situations. Overall a great teacher that I hope I can keep learning with.
Feb 28, 2023
10 Danish lessons
Laust is very friendly and easy to talk to. He’s an excellent teacher. He makes the lessons fun and also effective, regularly reinforcing things learned in past lessons. He is very patient and encouraging. I highly recommend him as a teacher.
May 12, 2023
16 Danish lessons
I totally recommend Laust. He is really good at teaching, and he makes learning fun! Thanks a lot for this :)
May 11, 2023
official Savage
5 Danish lessons
May 10, 2023
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