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Do you want to start speaking Russian well or for the exam or lessons for your child? I can help!
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Здравствуйте! Hello! Bonjour! Hallo! Ciao! ¡Hola! Olá! 你好! こんにちは! Γειά σου! नमस्ते! I'm a professional online teacher of the Russian language with a master’s degree in Russian as a Foreign language at Moscow State University. I love languages and have learned several from Europe and Asia. I deeply understand your challenge, to help you I improve my teaching skills every day and explain any material in the easiest way possible. My first master’s degree is in psychology, I can help you with reducing stress before exams, public speaking, and culture shock.

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Speaking Russian
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Русский для детей / Russian for children
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Русский для начинающих / Russian for beginners
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1,421 Reviews

Ilya Skypub
43 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Khristina is amazing with my daughter - her lessons are always engaging, she is able to motivate and inspire my 5 year old, she is creative, and always brings different fun materials that make the lesson time fly by. She’s wonderful!!
Apr 10, 2022
Noah D'Aeth
330 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another excellent lesson. We spent time learning vocabulary, Kristina is very good at explaining uses for words and their origin. Really encourages me to keep learning Russian and promotes my enthusiasm for the language. A brilliant teacher
Feb 19, 2021
189 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another great lesson with Khristina. I am continuously amazed at the level of detail we can go into during our lessons when she explains complex grammar topics. I always feel I leave the class knowing more of the Russian language and leave feeling l excited that I actually understood the grammar which is all explained in examples. Khristina is patient, very good at providing history to any topic we discuss and enthusiastic about teaching her native language. The lessons go by so quickly! Thank you for making Russian such a joy to learn!
Jun 22, 2018
Charity Fleites
34 Russian lessons
Today's class was really awesome, I'm also glad to have a teacher who understands the pains and the gains of learning a language,.. It's so rewarding after!!! I feel like I learned the inner secrets of speaking russian. I completely understand now why it sounds the way it does. The language is super cool, and now I have like this mini trick up my sleeve. I will have fun working on my accent as I go along learning the stress marks and these new tips that I got today. This is like what I wanted more than anything. I am so beyond excited to have made it to this point. I am far from perfect but I feel like this is the kind of progress you'd have after a year. I would not expect to have gone this far into it. It is crazy to me how one person can open the door to a whole new world, learning is a gift and so is teaching!!
Jan 27, 2023
Bri 브리
21 Russian lessons
Once again, another amazing lesson with one of my favorite iTalki teachers! She makes learning fun and simple no matter how difficult the Russian language is. I always feel so motivated by her and can see that I am learning and reinforcing a lot of grammar and vocabulary. I'm always able to look back at previous lessons using her notes she provides, which is a huge plus!!! I always look forward to our lessons and wish the time would never end!))
Jan 22, 2023
Charity Fleites
34 Russian lessons
I really love how communicative our classes are, today especially was the best and I appreciate how much work Khristina does in putting into her lessons. It's fun learning how to type with a russian keyboard and our lessons have been perfect for practicing. I'm making a habit now to write a mini diary about my day as we've learned and list what I wore for the day. I eventually will be able to add more details to these diary entries the more we learn through our lessons. Moving forward, I will provide some of my audio for homework for feedback to help with further pronunciation and I appreciate that Khristina goes above and beyond.
Jan 21, 2023
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