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Hello, I'm Vic. I have learned Chinese broadcasting and news writing, so my Chinese pronunciation is very pure. I have been engaged in middle school education for more than 20 years, so I am good at teaching you to learn Chinese faster in simple ways, and summarizing methods to help you remember. I like to let you study in a relaxed and happy environment, and I will also choose the teaching materials and methods you like to help you achieve the goal of learning Chinese. Welcome to learn Chinese with me. 你好,我是维克。我曾经学习过汉语播音和新闻写作,所以我的中文发音很纯正。我从事了20多年的中学教育工作,因此擅长用简单的方式教你更快学会中文,并总结方法帮助你记住。我喜欢让你在轻松快乐的环境里学习,也会选择你喜欢的教材和方式,去帮你达到学中文的目标。欢迎和我一起学中文。

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