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Experienced Greek teacher, archaeologist, traveller.
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Γεια σας! Hello! I am an archaeologist passionate about history, culture and languages. I started teaching Modern and Ancient Greek for the very first time at 2015, and for the last three years I am mainly working as a tutor to foreigners. If your goal is learning Greek for traveling, preparing for exams, communicate with friends and family or in general to survive in Greece, then I can be your teacher! What can we see together? * Grammar & Syntax * Conversations of daily life * Culture & History * Pronunciation * Test preparation * Help with surviving in public services and paperwork All the material needed for the courses (text books, grammar books, articles) will be provided in PDF.

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37 Reviews

Student Anya Korzun
Anya Korzun
52 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Eirini is truly marvelous! She makes every lesson super helpful, yet entertaining. She walks you through grammar sharp corners, motivates you to speak up and get better, and makes you feel your own progress every single time. As an extra bonus, Eirini shares language tips that are not only fascinating but also really useful in handling those language questions that would otherwise make you go, "hmm?". I totally recommend Eirini for any level - I've started from scratch, and now I'm B1, and still going strong.
Oct 21, 2023
Student Haroula T
Haroula T
9 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Eirini is endlessly patient as I try to learn all 6 variations of the Greek version of the vowel E. So grateful to her! My family in Greece has already noticed a difference in my skills after 3 calls with her. :) Plus, as an archaeologist, she brings so much anthropological knowledge to the table!
Jun 9, 2023
Student Jim
43 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Greek is a challenging language to learn but Eirini skillfully weaves grammar, vocabulary, culture and history into an effective instructional tapestry lesson. My trip to Greece will be much richer having taken lessons with Eirini.
Feb 1, 2023
Student ines
14 Greek lessons
She is the best don’t hesitate to book a lesson with her 😍
Jun 2, 2024
Student קווין ליסק
קווין ליסק
2 Greek lessons
muy buena maestra !!!
May 16, 2024
Student Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel
15 Greek lessons
Classes with Eirini are always a very interesting way to learn about Greek culture, Greek history and her fascinating research in the field of archeology. She is also very patient and helps with grammar and vocabulary. Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ!
May 2, 2024
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