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Negar Taa

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Persian (Farsi)
From Islamic Republic of IranLiving in Hamilton, Canada (23:58 UTC+03:30)
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italki teacher since Apr 14, 2023
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Hello, my name is Negar, and I am a Persian teacher originally from Tehran, Iran. I live in Canada. I have been teaching Farsi for three years, initially to my native English-speaking friends. In addition to teaching Persian, I am also a passionate pianist, as you can see in the video where I play a beautiful Persian song. I would be delighted to share my knowledge of Farsi and piano with anyone who is interested.

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7 Reviews

Student Alasdair Reid
Alasdair Reid
4 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Jul 8, 2023
Student Lenja💃🏾
6 Persian (Farsi) lessons
I can say that every day I look forward to our lessons. Neda is a very friendly and patient person. There is a pleasant learning atmosphere. Neda always encourages me to communicate in Persian. I also like the fact that the teaching follows a clear structure. At first, she demanded from me too little. In the following lesson, the content of the lesson almost corresponded to my needs. This development shows me that Neda takes the wishes of her clients seriously and attaches great importance to the satisfaction of her students with the lessons. I will definitely continue to take lessons.
Jun 17, 2023
Student Mederic
1 Persian (Farsi) lesson
Negar is a gentle and precise teacher. She is well prepared and is interested in you. You can pick her with your eyes closed !
Jun 16, 2023
Student Emma Brown
Emma Brown
11 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Negar is so helpful in explaining grammar in a really clear and easy to understand way. Her materials are great and she provides homework tailored to the lesson and my needs as a student.
May 5, 2023
Student Steven Everaert
Steven Everaert
1 Persian (Farsi) lesson
Very kind human!
Apr 25, 2023
Student Neil
1 Persian (Farsi) lesson
I had a fantastic lesson with Negar! We introduced ourselves, I told her my reasons for studying Persian, and we discussed what to do for future lessons. Negar was enthusiastic, good-natured, and well-prepared. I cannot imagine a better introductory lesson!
Apr 22, 2023
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