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My name is Girish and I grew-up in South India studying, speaking Kannada, Hindi and English. After college, I moved to US for about 18-years. Currently, I am learning Spanish as I cycle through South America and love it when the locals appreciate my "Spanish". And, I hope you too can feel the same success with your journeys. By taking classes with me, you are supporting my travels and journey of learning Spanish. And, I sincerely appreciate your interest.

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Eric E.
2 Kannada lessons
We spent the hour conversing in KannaDa, Girish gave me feedback, and encouraged me when he felt I had the word on the tip of the tongue to get the word out, we had a good laugh, probably the best way to memorize a situation and words involved, and also I asked clarification between the ending "da/La" and "ina" because I am confused by this grammar point. He provided me with some examples for me to understand. Mundina saala sigONa!
Oct 24, 2023
Eric E.
2 Kannada lessons
Girish avare is a great teacher, he is explaining the word composition to help the student understand better, and conversation practice was also very good (medical vocabulary :) ) DhanyavadagaLu!
Oct 13, 2023
Laura A.
41 Kannada lessons
I love classes with Girish as he gives me an opportunity to guess the meaning of all material we study together, leave me time to decompose words and their "sandhigaLu", find the root verbs, he also gives me hints when I struggle, and makes me guess with the word inside a sentence so I can guess from the context, which helps me remembering words better than giving me the meaning straight away, this is a brilliant method :) Poem study today :)
Sep 27, 2023
Laura A.
41 Kannada lessons
Girish talked about the Ganapati Chaturthi festival, I tried to understand, he made me guess words I didnt know or had forgotten, it was good fun! Then he helped me understand a poem which was used as a song in a film with very pure words of KannaDa. I realized after the class "chunbana" might have the same root than Hindi "Choomna" :) I love every step of the language learning and am so grateful for Girish's help 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sep 22, 2023
16 Hindi lessons
Fun class today. Girish explained my questions about independent/dependent forms and sentence tense patiently. Also, a small talk about his trip met a greeting from Haathi.
Sep 21, 2023
Laura A.
41 Kannada lessons
Girish Avare loved travelling around Colombia (and Ecuador) and since I am going in a few months (I've been adopted from there), we did a lesson where he talked me through the places he has visited in Valle de Cocora, all in KannaDa, I have tried to understand, and asked questions when I had one about his trip, and words relating to his trip in Kannada, he has been very helpful with those as usual! It was a great exercise! Muchisimas gracias Girish!
Sep 14, 2023
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