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Learn Kannada or Hindi from someone who also speaks English and Spanish.
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My name is Girish and I grew-up in South India studying, speaking Kannada, Hindi and English. After college, I moved to US for about 18-years. Currently, I am learning Spanish as I cycle through South America and love it when the locals appreciate my "Spanish". And, I hope you too can feel the same success with your journeys. By taking classes with me, you are supporting my travels and journey of learning Spanish. And, I sincerely appreciate your interest.

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1 Kannada lesson
It was a wonderful first lesson with Girish! I learned a lot :) bahaLa dhanyavaadagaLu!!
May 17, 2023
Laura A.
25 Kannada lessons
Aaaah I had missed my classes with Girish! We have discussed in KannaDa, I worked on my comprehension, tried to answered his questions. Girish helps me when I mix 2 very similar words, he writes them for me so I can see the difference in the KannaDa lipi, and I memorize better that way because I have a visual memory. He always answers my many questions very precisely and I love that - it is very helpful! Thank you !!!
May 10, 2023
Laura A.
25 Kannada lessons
Natural conversation happened, and Girish helped me with all the vocab I did not know to express what I wanted to say, he told me also about his day to day and I tried understanding, he clarified new words, and I took a lot from the class as usual! The class was my little ray of sunshine in a very stressful day at work! Thank you !
Apr 25, 2023
Laura A.
25 Kannada lessons
I love my classes with Girish, he sends me good material to work on, always very interesting, and he gives me the time in the class to think about words, gives me hints and synonyms to find the meaning by words by myself which is a great exercise for me. I am learning not only words from him but also concepts, which is also what I am also looking for when I learn a language and the culture of its country! Definitely, "Bharata enbudu" ;-) Muchisimas gracias profe!
Apr 22, 2023
Laura A.
25 Kannada lessons
Great chat about different subjects, it trains my comprehension which I really need, and we also worked on an article, good list of vocab I got from this thanks to Girish. Classes are always in a good atmosphere, always a pleasure to have my work break with Girish :)
Apr 11, 2023
Laura A.
25 Kannada lessons
Very interesting article from KannadaPrabha that I had to prepare before the class, and we could work on the vocabulary I did not know. I probably took more of the class because I had prepared the text than if I had had to read it for the first time during the class so it was great! Thank you again once more Girish Avare!
Apr 10, 2023
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