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SA WAT DEE KA🙏สวัสดีค่ะ Hello! everyone~👋 I'm Bo.🎀I was born and raised in Bangkok. My friends have been saying that I'm a good tutor for them ever since high school🏫 I also take English classes every week, so I know the struggles of learning another language🙌 I like to get to know new people, exchange languages and experiences. I teach many foreigners and friends living in Bangkok. I love travelling. I visit a lot of places in Thailand such as Phuket, Pattaya, Chiangmai, Krabi, Samui, Ayuttaya, etc., so you can learn more than language with me.🏝️🏔️🏖️ I educate many foreign students from many counties so I know the challenges you will face and can adjust our lessons accordingly.

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65 Reviews

Student Gabi
45 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've been learning basic Thai for almost six months and I've never enjoyed learning any language so much. Kru Bo is a great teacher and thanks to her I have made significant progress that I am very proud of. Kru Bo is always well prepared for our lessons, she knows exactly where we finished previously. She has provided me with many helpful materials for learning Thai and even whole language books that we use in every lesson. Kru Bo is very patient and can explain everything very clearly and understandably. She is very friendly. She never cancels lessons and is punctual. In every lesson we practice reading, writing, creating sentences and new words. We do a lot of exercises and I get homework so I can use the knowledge I have gained in our lessons. If I make a mistake Kru Bo always explains to me how to fix it. I couldn't have found a better teacher!
Jul 30, 2023
Student McManusJames
27 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
Really really good lessons. I struggle academically in general so Kru Bo always makes the lessons fun in a way that I can understand. As I'm progressing to my 11th lesson and I'm learning new words and sentence structures it's easy for me to get confused but Kru Bo is so patient and checks that I understand fully, if I don't she will take time to review what I don't understand and puts it in a way that I do. Don't be discouraged if you're on your learning journey. Struggling and making mistakes just shows that you're moving on to more advanced things and growing your knowledge further. Kap Khun Krhap Kru Bo
Jul 2, 2023
Student Scott
22 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've done 166 Thai lessons with dozens of different teachers and this was definitely one of the best. I was so impressed with Kru Bo's preparation. Before our class she had me record a short clip answering a few questions to determine my level and she typed a transcript and made corrections for us to review. During the class she had interesting topics and it was a fun conversation, then it ended with her going over my mistakes in grammar and pronunciation, and reviewing the new vocabulary I learned. Then she sent me all of it as an 11 page power point report. This is exactly what I've been looking for and it makes me motivated to study to find interesting questions and topics for our next class.
Dec 12, 2022
Student joey lim
joey lim
5 Thai lessons
so glad that i found a thai teacher that can improved my writing skills <3 see you in next lesson kru bo!
May 9, 2024
Student Brian
40 Thai lessons
Great teacher, always assistances with learning at your pace. Makes the time go by quickly, I highly recommend giving her a chance!
Apr 23, 2024
Student joey lim
joey lim
5 Thai lessons
She’s so friendly & detailed with the explanation of the teaching methods. Looking forward to our next lesson :D
Apr 9, 2024
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