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My name is Mai, I’m currently living in Binh Duong province, which borders Ho Chi Minh City, thus my dialect is southern Vietnamese. My interests span from movies, music to travel, reading, and pets. I believe I can discuss and chat with you on any topic and enhance the conversation with you. But my main pleasure right now is learning and helping others, which is why I picked this career.

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139 Reviews

Student Paulo 保罗พอลโล파울로パウロ
Paulo 保罗พอลโล파울로パウロ
281 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
It still amazes me how far I’ve come in my learning journey with cô Mai. Week after week, month after month, her persistence and will to teach are second to none! I love how each time I tell her a story in English, she takes the opportunity to get me to say it in Vietnamese! From a complete beginner to now slowly becoming more and more natural to speak and understand! I often joke with her saying that she’s too tough on me, but the results are there! I surprise myself on how much I can understand! Very amazing and I owe it all to Cô Mai for her genuine interest in my success! Cảm ơn cô Mai, rất nhiều! Cô là giáo viên nhất hớn! ❤️
Apr 12, 2024
Student Kevin 克明
Kevin 克明
50 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
After taking 30 classes with Ngô Mai. I can truly say that she is the best vietnamese teacher in Italki. Bright atmosphere, opportunities for improvement, no pressure to speak, and always willing to help. When I first started taking classes, I was not sure if I will be able to speak correctly, but she was really patient and willing to help me improve. Every time I make a mistake, she would record the words I lack in a document to review in a later time. I'm glad to have Ngô Mai as a teacher and a friend. If you haven't booked with her yet, I highly recommend it!
Dec 5, 2023
Student ANHXAO
82 Vietnamese lessons
Teacher’s pick
J'adore ma prof. Elle est patiente et à l'écoute de ses élèves... I like my teacher. She is really patient and listens to her students... Tôi thích cô giáo của tôi. Cô ấy kiên nhẫn và lắng nghe học sinh của mình...
Apr 26, 2023
Student Kenta Obara
Kenta Obara
7 Vietnamese lessons
Thank you for another great lesson! You are always supportive and patient during the lesson so I can practice pronunciation and tone comfortably! Looking forward to the next lesson!
Jul 13, 2024
Student Taylor Nguyen
Taylor Nguyen
2 Vietnamese lessons
Ngo is super kind and a lot of fun to talk to! Had a great first class to practice casual speaking and I look forward to more classes :)
Jul 10, 2024
Student Jason
1 Vietnamese lesson
My first lesson with Ngô Mai was great! She made everything easy to understand and I felt very comfortable. Highly recommend!
Jul 9, 2024
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