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Namaste everyone! My name is surbhi. I am from India. Hindi is my native language and I am quite fluent in English too. I love traveling and conversing with new people. So here I am trying to help you understand Hindi in a fun way so you can be as fluent in it as I am. Hindi is essential in learning about the culture of India and its neighboring countries it's the essence. I will work the extra mile to make these lessons more of a delightful experience than a boring lecture. so learn with me.

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Conversational Hindi for beginners to advance
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Hindi script- reading and writing
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59 Reviews

Gerry Weitz
3 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoyed my first lesson with Surbhi! She is very charming and easygoing. I was happy that she is accustomed to teaching language in a way that I am also comfortable learning. We covered lots of words and some grammar points that I can easily reference and study. I am very happy that she likes to share, so even in this lesson, we were able to chat a lot about food preferences and some cultural points. Thanks so much, Surbhi!
Dec 17, 2023
1 Hindi lesson
Was an amazing class! Thank you!
Feb 27, 2024
Gerry Weitz
3 Hindi lessons
Surbhi is a great tutor and an excellent companion for deep conversation. Thanks so much, Surbhi!
Jan 24, 2024
2 Hindi lessons
A really positive and fun first class with the lovely Surbhi, who despite feeling very poorly, provided a great introduction to the Hindi alphabet. We covered vowels and had a great chat about language learning in general. Feel better and see you soon!!
Jan 14, 2024
Adam and Nyla
4 Hindi lessons
The kids are working to recall the vocabulary they have not used in 6 months. And they are building their confidence, and having fun.
Jan 2, 2024
Gerry Weitz
3 Hindi lessons
Surbhi is an excellent teacher, really enjoyable, smart and compatible for my style of learning. Thanks so much, Surbhi!
Dec 29, 2023
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