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italki teacher since Dec 6, 2022
Hi everyone, my name is Phuong, and I'm a native Vietnamese can speak with Northern and South Vietnamese accents. Now I'm living in Ho Chi Minh City and my parents were born in Central Vietnam, so if you have interested to know about different cultures and people in Vietnam, we can talk about pretty much anything, I'm a good listener and hope to have opportunities to share with you guys anything interesting I know. Currently, I am also learning a new language, Chinese, so I understand very well what learners need from a teacher. As a language teacher in italki, I hope to contribute my part to support those who are eager to learn new languages, like me. Have a nice day! Thank you!

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29 Reviews

Student DuongLinda
2 Vietnamese lessons
Ms. Phuong Ho is an excellent tutor who would correct my pronunciation every time, and it made me motivated to review and correct my mistake. She is a very ambitious and hard-working tutor that is being patient and trustworthy. Again, recommend!
Apr 20, 2024
Student DuongLinda
2 Vietnamese lessons
Ms. Phuong Ho is an amazing tutor. She taught me something really useful that I was lacking in. Furthermore, she was very patient which I really admire because I was struggling to get the right words out of my mouth, and Ms. Ho would correct me every time I made a mistake, and that is the important part "learning from mistake". I would highly recommend her!!!
Apr 14, 2024
Student Evan
2 Vietnamese lessons
Thank you for your adaptability with various accents from the North to the South. Your use of real-life examples and everyday topics brings a refreshing perspective that goes beyond textbook learning. The conversational format of our lessons is especially engaging—it doesn’t feel like a typical lesson, but rather like a practical immersion into real-world language use. It’s exactly the kind of learning I’ve been looking for.
Apr 13, 2024
Student Stefano the Polyglot
Stefano the Polyglot
18 Vietnamese lessons
Apr 13, 2024
Student Evan
2 Vietnamese lessons
Phuong was very easy to understand. I liked how we had a conversation format, which I like best for comprehensible input. Thank you for making the class feel more casual without pressure. I highly recommend.
Apr 6, 2024
Student Peter
1 Vietnamese lesson
All I wanted was to have a chat in Vietnamese, and that's exactly what I got... really nice chat :)
Mar 9, 2024
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