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Friendly interpreter/lecturer teaching Turkish - certified tutor by Ankara University (TÖMER)
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Hello everyone! My name is Ahsen. I am from Istanbul, Turkey. Teaching and learning languages are my biggest passions. I don't only teach Turkish but I also give lectures of Russian interpretation (at Istanbul Okan University) I am here to help you learn Turkish, one of the most important and popular languages in the world. I have a good sense of humor which means I guarantee that we will have so much fun together!

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12 Reviews

Student Sergii Paranko
Sergii Paranko
6 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Akhsen is an experienced and empathic teacher, she can adapt to your mood and present educational material in the most comfortable style. Studying is always stressful, especially difficult languages, but with Akhsen I managed to avoid this stress. The lesson was a joy and I received reinforcement in my desire to learn Turkish.
Mar 12, 2024
Student t.mikelov
5 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ahsen is wonderful teacher, I can definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to start speaking Turkish quickly. She is fluent in both Enlish and Russian, while Turkish is her mother tongue, so she knows everything about modern language. The lesson had a significant grammar component but was interactive and fun. It was very easy to start speaking, because she was patient and encouraging. Definitely recommend, 10 out of 10, I was lucky to choose her as I need to start speaking Turkish quickly. Ахсен замечательный преподаватель, горячо ее рекомендую всем, кто хочет быстро заговорить на Турецком. Она прекрасно говорит на русском и английском, турецкий - ее родной язык и она очень хоршо умеет объяснять все тонкости современного турецкого. Она уделяет внимание грамматике языка, но урок при этом не теряет в живости и интерактивности. Начать говорить было легко, потому что она очень поддерживает и подсказывает. Советую всем, я считаю, что мне повезло, что я выбрал ее как преподавателя.
Mar 6, 2024
Student Diego Pérez
Diego Pérez
13 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Learning Turkish has been as easy as a child's play with Ahsen. She is able to understand and adapt to the kind of learner you are in order to precisely guide you towards your goals. She is able to break down complex concepts into simpler ones thanks to her extensive knowledge of how languages work and she being able to speak multiple languages herself!
Mar 2, 2024
Student Marina
13 Turkish lessons
Üç dersimiz vardı. Her derste dinleme ve konuşma vardır. Metinleri okuyor ve çeviriyoruz. Neredeyse her şey açık ama konuşmak çok zor. Çalışacağım. Ahsen ile çalışmak çok güzel.
Mar 27, 2024
Student Robert
5 Turkish lessons
Mar 22, 2024
Student Robert
5 Turkish lessons
Teşekkür ederim!
Mar 11, 2024
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