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My students often say that I'm very patient and systematic :) I've been teaching Russian since 2014.
From Russian FederationLiving in Krasnodar, Russian Federation (10:40 UTC+03:00)
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italki teacher since Nov 25, 2014
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Teaching is a deeply creative process for me and a practice of being in the moment. ➡️ Very systematic ➡️Suggested homework ➡️ A variety of materials used - videos, texts, interviews,etc. ➡️ at your pace. I'm a native Russian living now by the Black sea and previously whole life in beautiful Siberia. I’m interested in different things, the most important for me now are reading (popular science - how the brain works; classical literature, modern literature from literary awards shortlists) and contact improvisation (which I also teach in my city).

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569 Reviews

61 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Tatiana is a wonderful teacher. She has developed many very effective methods to help you remember difficult or important aspects of the Russian language. I highly recommend her to any student attempting to improve his/her Russian . Always focused on your needs, provides lots of feedback, corrects mistakes in a tactful way, organized, uses Internet materials in an efficient manner, researches tailored topics for you and the list goes on... In short a real professional !
Feb 2, 2019
24 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Tatiana has been a fantastic teacher, she always explains grammatical structure in a very simple way, and she makes learning Russian fun. :) I will definitely take lessons again with her, when she is able to renew teaching. большое спасибо!
Sep 28, 2016
121 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
большое спасибо!! I absolutely love the videos that you incorporate into the sessions, it beautifully shows the "real-world-application" of the things I learn.
May 25, 2016
31 Russian lessons
My review is true and genuine. If you want to learn or strengthen your Russian. Honesty, and without hesitation you should try Tatianna. I do not believe that it is likely that you will find a better teacher on this site. I have taken quite a few lessons from many teachers and tutors. Tatianna is one, if not the best. Honesty, I am an older, anxious student that has difficulty focusing. She keeps me on track. She is always on time & prepared. No distractions. The material she presents is appropriate and she alters it to turn in on my weaknesses. I have never felt bored.
Dec 3, 2023
33 Russian lessons
I am writing this review primarily to express my deep gratitude to Teacher Tatiana for her help and guidance in learning the Russian language. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to study Russian. As I started the Russian course form scratch, with no prior knowledge of the language, I credit the significant progress I've made to Tatiana. She has a well-thought-out system and utilizes high-quality teaching materials, shared with students through the online whiteboard platform Miro. Every lesson, without exception, is meticulously prepared. I wish to add that Tatiana is a particularly kind and respectful person. She creates an environment that makes you feel secure and confident in your learning journey. Thank you, Tatiana.
Nov 19, 2023
7 Russian lessons
Excellent and conscientious teacher, offers structured lessons, highly recommend
Sep 13, 2023
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