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มาคุยกัน !! Let's talk, Ask Q when you're ready. "Be curious"😃
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Hello, I'm Om. My Full Thai name is Paskorn Larsomsri. I'm passionate about languages and fascinated when our cultures connect. I speak Thai central. Besides, my native dialect is Northern Thai. So if you have a plan to travel up north, I am really happy to help you with that too!

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54 Reviews

4 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
As an online language teacher myself, I was very impressed. K. Om's pronunciation is clear and he provides clear instructions. I've only had 1 class with him so far but from what I can tell, he teaches the way I like to be taught. Above all... he listens attentively and is able to answer my questions about hypothetical scenarios.
Jan 17, 2024
22 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
Can't rate Om any higher than 5 stars but I definitely would. If you're looking for someone who is down to earth yet very informative, who speaks casually with you but also in a manner that will teach you to be native Thai, this is the guy. His approach to classes is always flexible, he feeds off your enthusiasm, and he makes learning what is an arguably difficult language very fun and achievable. 10/10
Jan 5, 2024
Tony Selyem
55 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
THAT WAS HUGE!! I have watched over a 100 videos from at least 20 different people. Om was the only person EVER to present what I needed to know how to pronounce Thai correctly. I see the value in practicing "as a Thai". I am so glad I have signed up with Om. Wow. THANK YOU!
Dec 28, 2023
Tony Selyem
55 Thai lessons
Om is really doing great. We are taking a moment on the overall plan to make sure I have adequately grasped these foundational stuff. Practicing to help me get better. I really appreciate that!!
Feb 23, 2024
Tony Selyem
55 Thai lessons
My brain is getting full. I really really appreciate Om's patience and guidance. Our practice sessions (consonant, vowel, tone) are super valuable.
Feb 22, 2024
22 Thai lessons
Another excellent session with Om, I can really feel we are making progress. What's awesome is that Om will notice it too and is enthusiastic/pleasantly impressed which makes you feel great and keeps you motivated to learn more. 20/10 teacher.
Feb 21, 2024
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