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Over 7 years of teaching experience to every level. Patient, supportive and let's get started !
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italki teacher since Dec 30, 2022
I am a professional Hebrew teacher working at Tel-Aviv University and Yironi Highschool. I am used to teaching every level from scratch to very advanced. I am a huge language enthusiast and very much into researching foreign cultures. I am said to be very patient and supportive, so do not be afraid to make mistakes as it is part of the language learning process. I will guide you every step of the way using materials applicable to every level. 欢迎所有的毫无中文基础或背景的中国学习者来加入我的教室,毕竟,众所周知,因材施教,循循善诱。

Hebrew Lessons

General Hebrew for complete beginners: alphabet included
A1 -  A2


16 lessons completed
USD 22.00+
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General Hebrew for intermediates and advanced: grammar included
B1 -  C2


23 lessons completed
USD 23.00+
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Conversation class for intermediate and advanced levels
B1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

14 lessons completed
USD 21.00+
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Business Hebrew: email, phone calls and job interview
A2 -  C2


2 lessons completed
USD 26.00+
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16 Reviews

Elodie Paris A0/C2
2 Hebrew lessons
Teacher’s pick
Tzuf is a very generous, kind and patient teacher that provides a rich and colourful classes regarding modern hebrew culture, music and culture. Tzuf has given me confidence, positivity and constructive corrections in order to give me the confidence to speak, converse and better understand the different ways to converse in this rare and beautiful linguist environment. This is very important because Tzufs' class was very calm.,reassuring as well as quite interesting and fun. This was a great and new beginning for me and I thank my teacher Tzuf for supporting me and teaching me to improve. Many Thanks Tzuf !!
Mar 2, 2023
5 Hebrew lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoyed working with Tzuf. He made our lesson interesting with a mix of conversation practice and grammar/vocabulary review. He is a professional teacher with a lot of patience. Highly recommended!
Feb 10, 2023
6 Hebrew lessons
Teacher’s pick
Great teacher : energetic, engaged, knowledgeable, patient. Perfect for an intermediate student such as myself. Without a doubt, I will continue studying with Tzuf.
Jan 27, 2023
Robert Finley
4 Hebrew lessons
Another excellent lesson today with Tzuf.
Mar 8, 2023
Elodie Paris A0/C2
2 Hebrew lessons
: After the second lesson, my understanding of modern Hebrew became more wholesome and complete both in content and in terms of reaching my goals. Thanks to my teacher Tzuf, I have broadened my horizons, enriched my Hebrew vocabulary and understanding of grammar as well as feeling a sense of self confidence I rarely received from my language teachers . Tzuf is a supportive, considerate and extremely calming teacher and person that brings a lot of good vibes in our conversations and we can only ascend to new heights from there-on -out. Thank you Tzuf for showing me an enjoyable and constructive method of learning this fascinating and interesting language.
Mar 2, 2023
Harry - Χάρης
3 Hebrew lessons
Very pleasant and rich in vocabulary and Israeli music and culture lesson with Tzuf!
Feb 18, 2023
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