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italki teacher since Jan 12, 2023
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Hi, I am Sughand Azam from Pakistan, and I am passionate about learning and teaching languages. The beauty in diversity has always piqued my interest, it has always fascinated me how different the languages and dialects are, spoken all around the globe in a unique manner of their own. Yet, they connect us to one universal bond of humanity. I read books in my free time, paint, crochet, and play chess. I also love going out and meeting new people, especially if they are from a different culture.

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7 Reviews

Student Benny
17 Urdu lessons
Sugi is veryyy patient and attentive when it comes to learning the alphabet :) She's does have good and funny examples for each letter besides that she will give you even the history of the letters and the tiny differences with it. You'll feel comfortable with saying the pronunciation even if you say it not right from the start, she'll have the patience to help you until you get it right. Even if you had no clue about the alphabet before :D Danke Sugi <3
Sep 10, 2023
Student Benny
17 Urdu lessons
Words won't do her the justice she deserve but I try, she's funny, kind, smart and such a sweetheart. Basically she made my day, I will fell asleep with a smile later :D Besides that she's an amazing teacher I already know that after my first lesson. I'm looking forward to my next classes with her. One of the best decisions I've made so far. Glad that I met her :)
Sep 9, 2023
Student Finlay Etherington
Finlay Etherington
11 Urdu lessons
I enjoyed this morning's lesson - today we covered a children's book in Urdu and we worked on my pronounciation and also acquiring new vocab. Sughand is very patient and helpful. Look forward to the next lesson
Mar 19, 2023
Student Finlay Etherington
Finlay Etherington
11 Urdu lessons
Really enjoyed today's lesson. We covered different parts that make up a sentence in Urdu such as the noun, verb, adjective etc whilst also practicing speaking skills. I like Sughand's structured approach to lessons.
Feb 26, 2023
Student Leonardo Gutiérrez
Leonardo Gutiérrez
1 Urdu lesson
Sughand is ready to adapt to your necessities. She is a very patient and relaxed person. Definetively I can recommend her to anyone who would like to learn and improve their Urdu.
Feb 21, 2023
Student Joseph
1 Urdu lesson
Great lesson!
Feb 19, 2023
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