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Hello! Viona here. I'm an artist and a writer with a passion for art and storytelling. I'm here to help you learn the language I love, and along the way, also learn and be inspired by you. I've been teaching for more than 5 years, and during those years I've helped my students achieve their learning goals, watched them progressing, and had lots of fun. More than anything, I've witnessed them go from zero to fluent in just two years. Any questions before deciding to learn with me? Feel free to book a trial class and talk to me. Or maybe, give me a shout (but not too loud) in my DM? I'll be happy to help you decide which plans would work best for your learning goals. Talk to you soon!

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Speak Like a Local: Beginner's Guide
A1 -  A2

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Indonesian for Overthinkers
B1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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17 Reviews

Student Xavier Taylor
Xavier Taylor
6 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
A great first lesson with Viona. She quickly adjusted her vocabulary and speaking speed to a rate appropriate for me, and managed to type well formatted, useful notes during the lesson.
Feb 5, 2024
Student Daniel Sumarto
Daniel Sumarto
44 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Viona has a way of instilling confidence in one's progress, which is so crucial for one's motivation. Practicing speaking, I feel relaxed and free to try out different ways of expressing my ideas, and I get some really effective feedback afterwards.
Nov 26, 2023
Student luuk_12
14 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Had a really nice first class with Viona. She was very helpful and friendly. She was quickly able to identify room for improvement and develop a plan towards reaching my goal. The class I took was a trial class, but I quickly decided I want to continue learning with Viona.
Feb 25, 2023
Student Sjanne
6 Indonesian lessons
I enjoy my classes with Viona a lot! She makes me feel comfortable to speak and make mistakes. She’s funny and patience and can explain everything so well! Terima kasih Viona 🌼
Apr 2, 2024
Student Xavier Taylor
Xavier Taylor
6 Indonesian lessons
Another excellent lesson. Her very high level ability in both languages (english and indonesian) allows Viona to understand me when I try to express something incorrectly, and allows her to understand when I want to know how to express a particular thing in Indonesian. Highly recommend!
Feb 20, 2024
Student Sjanne
6 Indonesian lessons
Saya senang bertemu Viona hari ini! Dia keren dan saya - looking forward to - kelas depan :)) (masih gak bisa kirim pesan di chat. saya sudah menghubungi iTalki)
Feb 20, 2024
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