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I have been conveying the importance of the Japanese culinary culture from Awaji Island where the Japanese archipelago emerged in Japanese mythology. 国生みの島である淡路島から、日本の食文化の大切さを伝えています。 By making the best use of various certificates as a registered dietitian, a licensed cook, and a Reiki master, I have been teaching how to make broth from Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) and Kombu (kelp), to brew various kinds of tea, and to use Reiki for more than 15 years. 栄養士、調理師、レイキマスターの資格を活かして、ダシの取り方や、お茶の淹れ方、レイキが使えるための先生を15年以上しています。 I am a Japanese who was born and raised in Japan. My hobbies are playing the Japanese drum and wearing Kimono. 日本の淡路島に住んでいます。日本に生まれ、日本で育った、日本人です。 趣味は、太鼓と着物です。

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