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Former journalist with 15 years of experience in Hindi & English communication. Teaching is passion.
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italki teacher since Mar 22, 2023
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I am Sanchita Dwivedi from Lucknow, India. I am a linguaphile, storyteller, ex-journalist and teacher with 15 years of experience in Hindi & English language communication. I teach Hindi & English at all levels. I believe that learning a language is like opening the door to a new, rich cultural experience. It can’t be complete without understanding the socio-cultural contexts in which a language has grown and evolved. I am learning 4 languages currently – Turkish, French, Spanish & Mandarin. I am also a published author. My short stories & articles have been published in Hindustan Times (newspaper), TES Orbit (magazine), Spark (online magazine). I also write on my blog.

Hindi Lessons

Trial Lesson
8 lessons completed
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Devanagari Writing Practice & Hindi Grammar: Forming and transforming sentences with ease.
A1 -  B2


4 lessons completed
USD 7.00+
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Learning Hindi Through Stories: Hindi Story Reading & Comprehension Exercise
A2 -  C1

Conversation Practice

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Hindi Grammar Class: Cases, Object Genders, Post-positions, Pronouns & more!
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12 Reviews

SofiaMarianneve Di R
1 Hindi lesson
Teacher’s pick
Sanchita is an absolute gem. She's patient and willing to work with you at your level of understanding. She not only explains everything but provides examples both in English and Hindi. I loved taking her class.
Jun 3, 2023
5 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
This was my second class with Sanchita. She is a knowledgeable and helpful teacher and in this session we studied grammar. She went above and beyond - helping with homework and exercises outside the class time also. I would recommend Sanchita as a teacher to others!
May 15, 2023
Laura A.
2 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been doing classes for a few months with Sanchita, I became aware of her classes on Duolingo and ever since I love her classes, we read story in devnagari varnamala, translate, she explains the meaning of unknown words, provide even synonyms (for eg if the word is in Urdu she will give the Hindi/Sanscrit equivalent), we do Culture classes, we study diologues on films or cartoons, and also study grammar which is very necessary. I had the opportunity also to write a text about my holiday or about the state of Karnataka to practice my making of sentences in Hindi as I have practiced more another Indian language for the last 2 years and have forgotten a bit of Hindi and we corrected it during the class which was super helpful. A lot of variety of practicing the language which I really enjoy with her! She is also very good at explaining grammar within a text, how to use the oblique case etc. Great classes, I highly recommend!
Apr 27, 2023
9 Hindi lessons
Simply put, Sanchita is an excellent teacher and am grateful to have her teach me Hindi. I am not only making good progress after barely 10 lessons, but am enthusiastic about the interactions and thankful for the insights that I gain from her. It is the journey that counts.
Jun 5, 2023
1 Hindi lesson
Great lesson!
Jun 3, 2023
Laura A.
2 Hindi lessons
I have worked on my conversation skills by having to sum up 2 books I have recently read, applying all the grammar concepts, Sanchita also shared 2 books of her choice, then we reviewed my homework about the Conditional tense and she helped by answering all the questions I had while doing my homework and we finished by reading an article from the newspaper. I love Sanchita's classes as there are always diverse activities! Thank you so much!
Jun 2, 2023
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