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I tutor English students and now it's time to tutor in my native language!
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Hi, my name is Anat and I’m from Israel. I grew up a house that loves languages and traveling. My father is French. My sister has a degree is linguistics. My mother is in fact- an Ulpan Hebrew teacher! So I guess it's part of my DNA For the past 10 years I am traveling the world as a nomad, mainly in the great American continent. I studied sound engineering in college. I love music, singing, nature, history, cooking and so much more. I love listening to people telling me about their passion. When you book a lesson with me, please send me a message telling me a little bit about yourself and what are your goals in Hebrew. Thanks for reading and have a sunny and beautiful day!

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7 Reviews

Gerry Weitz
3 Hebrew lessons
Anat and I had yet another great conversation at a pretty high level. It's great that with Anat, it is possible to talk about many topics comfortably. I really like Anat, as both a teacher and person. Thanks so much, Anat!
Jul 14, 2023
5 Hebrew lessons
today the class was very incredible ! anat she helped me to enrich the vocabulary and read an interesting song קטר מספר 70 414
Jul 12, 2023
5 Hebrew lessons
Excelent teacher to practice conversation and improve vocabulary
Jun 21, 2023
Gerry Weitz
3 Hebrew lessons
What a great lesson with Anat! It's really helping me to recall and enhance my Hebrew knowledge. I find chatting with Anat to be very rewarding. Anat is an intelligent and also a warm person, with whom I can have a very enjoyable conversation. Thanks so much, Anat!
Jun 14, 2023
Gerry Weitz
3 Hebrew lessons
I really enjoyed my first hour with Anat. Anat is clearly very skilled and very experienced in the world. I found her to be very laid back, with a very gentle and inviting touch. We both had a lot to share. She took a lot of interest in my language journey and also in the details of my international adventures, i.e. the personal reasons and stories related to the acquisition of several languages. Anat already is helping me update my Hebrew language skills. I think Anat was surprised at how much I still am able to speak Hebrew even though most of my learning occurred 45-50 years ago. Anat was very willing to share her story and I'd love to hear more in our next hour. It was pleasant to discover that we both have kibbutz experience from the same region, more or less, in the lower Galil. I look forward to learning more about this very fascinating, courageous, and highly enjoyable individual. Thanks so much, Anat!
Jun 5, 2023
12 Hebrew lessons
excellent, as always :)
May 22, 2023
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